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I was on SAB's website and it said that they look for a high instep... does this matter much? I really hope this doesnt prevent my chances of getting in.

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While it is important to use your feet really well, there is still a factor of the shape of the foot, so I cannot say that it is does not matter. Most schools will look for dancers with a good physical facility for ballet, and the feet are very much a part of that.


That said, you are very young, and it is possible that they will see potential for further development in your feet. There are dancers who did not start out with great feet but managed to work them well enough that they became at least good feet. :)

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Tendu, dégagé, frappé, pas de cheval, and rond de jamb à terre (which is also the very best exercise for working your rotation). You can also work with a theraband. Have your teacher show you how to do that if you have not done it before.


You qualify for the Buddy Board and the Teen Private Forum now. Would you like to be admitted?

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You have to be admitted, and that hasn't happened yet. Be aware that around midnight Administrator coverage of the board can get a little sporadic. We have to sleep sometime! Administrators are the only kind of moderator who can manually change other members' classifications. I'm taking care of that now.

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