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Unfortunately my pirouettes aren't so well. I just started ballet so I am not so well at it. I only get half way round, without losing my balance or just am not fast enough. And if I do get it I am always concentrating on my energy and what to do next, and not concentrating on spotting on the wall so I won't get dizzy. Can anyone give me any tips to improve my pirouettes? I always practice at home but it doesn't get any better. Help!!

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Meghan, you said you just started ballet, so I really think it might be too soon to be even thinking about pirouettes! How long have you been taking classes? How many classes a week do you have? Pirouettes are not given to beginners, as it really takes quite a long time to learn all the technique that leads up to being able to execute them correctly. Could you maybe clarify your training situation a bit more? That would help us to help you. :)

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Once a week? Twice a week? Every day? How long are the classes?


Unless you are in a program where you have several hours of class every day, 6 days a week, and you have exceptional facility for ballet and have progressed quite amazingly well, you should not be doing pirouettes in 3 months. Even with the above circumstances, it would be unlikely that you would be turning, although perhaps working on the preparations, like the relevé into the turning position. You have to be aligned and your weight placed correctly in the preparatory position. You have to find your center on that relevé, have the strength in all the important muscles to maintain it, and know where and how to rotate the position and make the foot look good. Then there is the port de bras to work on, and of course spotting. All of these things have to happen before one begins to turn.

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Well I go to ballet once a week for an hour and thats it. I am in a class with kids my age who have like 1, 2 or 3 experience so thats probably why I have to do pirouettes.

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Hi, I am fourteen and live in christchurch New Zealand

My problem is similar to this. However I have been doing ballet since I was nine. ( Late starter I know!)

I am on pointe, for years now, and got to ballet 4-5 days per week and do 2-3 classes each day. ( Classes are 1 and a half- two hours long)


Just letting you know, what my circumstance is!


And I am finding it extremly difficult to do any more than a triple turn..

I am not sure exactly what is I am doing.. or prehaps what it is that I'm not doing!


Any ideas?

I would really apprecite any help!



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I have the same problem! I have been dancing for about ten years ((this is the eleventh)). But the story is I, & my classmates were never taught how to do pirouettes properly. As a result when we received a new teacher she whipped us into shape concerning our turns. I can only do two clean pirouettes and three on a good day and when I do four I literally kneel down and pray.(hope I don't get kicked off for that) I've watched videos and even read directions on pirouettes. Maybe I'm just not built for them.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Laurendancer :D

If you can execute 2 clean pirouettes, then that is good!! It is far better to have clean technique than it is to just get through turns....

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It's annoying isn't it!

When you can do a double turn, neatly and well.

But when you want to move on, and try something a little bit harder- it just doesn't work!


I think the only solution to this problem is to practice!

And to analyse what you are doing- to see if you have a funny habit that limits your turning ability!

That is what I have been doing at least- and it seems to kinda work!



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Well, not to try to repeat needlessly, but at three months of training, you shouldn't be doing pirouettes at all! You should be doing the preparation, then the retiré, but no turn yet! With only one class, one hour per week, doing turns is going to take a long, long time.

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And Meghan, if you really want to dance, and to learn to dance correctly, then I think you need to find a school that will put you in a class where they are teaching you, not expecting you to just do what others with much more training are doing. You will also need a lot more than one hour a week.

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Okay well thanks anyway. There really isn't any ballet schools that would because all of them are just way to expensive and my fam is in a lot of debt right now so I am probably just stuck with the one I got :(

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