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Dancing goals for 2009


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There's a thread in the Cross Talk forum about New Year's resolutions. But I thought I'd post a focussed thread asking you all about goals for this year.


My main one is to get back to the routine of class three to 4 times a week, stop making the excuse that I have too much work on (well, I do, but it's still an excuse!), and find ways of coping with a nagging remnant of plantar fasciitis. Oh, and to get properly aerobically fit again. That's the gym bit, in addition to the studio resolution!


And once in class, I want to work on doing things through strength, rather than tension.


What are your goals for 2009?

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I would really like to try to go to Brussels once a week for an additional class. I'm hoping I'll do well in advanced jazz, as this is the class that will take me to the level they expect in a professional MT audition.


And I really want to do one additional workout a week, whether it's swimming, skating or something else.


In terms of technical progress, I want to clean up my double pirouettes.

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I want to consistently go to class three days a week, in hopes of someday in the far future being able to go en pointe. Right now it's difficult working around dd's schedule but once she gets her driver's license it may be possible!


My other goals are working on turnout, not overstraightening my hyperextended knees, and making sure to keep my hips dropped and not hiked up. Being able to do a consistent pirouette would be nice too.

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This year I would like to manage clean triple pirouettes. Doubles work fine most of the time so I really would like to be able to do triples by the end of the year (or even earlier :) ). Besides that, I would like to work on my side extension and on my arabesque, a bit more than on the other things this year.

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Where do I start?? First is to get the last of this belly & hip fat off, staying reasonably within my points on WW, etc. so that at least I can look better in a leotard in ballet class.


Next is improving my extension. I think that's my main goal - I want a high a la seconde extension - higher than shoulder if possible (see goal 1 - I think part of the problem is the extra bulk on the hips!).


Third will be to improve my splits - front all the way to the floor if I can (I'm nearly there), and sides as far as my bones will allow me.


Fourth is to improve my turnout!


I would like to be able to do double pirouettes consistently again, and to do pirouettes on pointe with some confidence.


And as a nod to my teachers who are nagging me on this, rightly so, of course: I'd like to STAY pulled up throughout a whole exercise!!! Tummy in, back tight, etc.



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I replied in the Cross Talk topic before I saw this one, so I'll repeat here:


1) Learn how to do fouette turns.

2) Work on spotting in turns (will hopefully help with goal #1!).

3) Take 3 classes per week.

4) Improve pointe technique/work on pointe strength.


I think those are the big ones!

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Mine are basically the same as last year. I attended class as I'd hoped for the most part (June and December were tough months for me to get to class) and kept a notebook of corrections and suggestions all year. Pointe remains a goal for 'sometime' down the road.


(Found last year's thread too - would be fun to see how things went for people who posted there.)

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My goals are very similar to last year's, continuing the work on my core and strengthening while lengthening. I switched from modern to jazz. I've been more or less consistant with the gym except for the 3 months I was injured. I'm walking there and back though. I also hope to recognize when to stop dancing, as I still don't really realize when I'm hurting because I was in pain for so long.

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For a few years I tried to do a home-made "summer intensive" by taking one or two more classes than usual. This year that just didn't work very well, too many classes were canceled for the summer, or teachers were vacationing, or I was vacationing. So my new goal is to do Winter Intensives! Gets me ready for dance camp in June, where I want go get placed above the bottom level :thumbsup:

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Good luck to you all!!! :thumbsup:


*Since now I'm able to do triples, first of all I want to perfect them.

*I have to learn proper spotting this year, none of the little tricks work on me and my head is left at that point when I start turning so my body is faster than my head :wacko:

*I want to be able to do quadruples (at least once in this year) (well it is hard if I do not correct my spotting).

*I once did 6 fouettes but now I can't do even "one";but I know this happens to me, when I first did doubles, I couldn't do it again for like 3 months...It has a maturity period to accept this new ability I guess. So I'm hoping that after 3 months they will be back.

*I want a good solo for this year's performance, one is certain (Odette) but it is not certain that I will have an audience :D ,hopefully the other (which certainly will be performed on stage) is going to be Esmeralda.

*I want to be able to do all of the annoying turns (arabesque, attitude, a la seconde....). Actually I'm good at attitude turns to the left, but to the right; I'm genuinely horrible.

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Besy wishes to you all!! My goal is to add an extra class and keep up with that. In class I want to improve especially turnout. And the turns could do with some extra attention as well. Keeping a notebook with corrections sounds like a good idea, I think I'll try that! :thumbsup:

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I almost totally second to Redbookish: I want to attend classes regularly and fix my work schedule so that I won't have as long break as I did this year. I was so happy to be back in class after moving back to Finland and then I was abroad almost the whole autumn. It was important, too, but I try to make some sense of my travelling this year. :unsure:


I also want to have that much self-discipline that I will start over my yoga practise, at least sun salutations every morning if I'm too lazy to do Ashtanga.


I'd like to get more flexibility (especially for my side extensions which are not that good) but I think that I will be able to do something about them if I can go to class regularly, which would mean about 5 classes (90min) a week of which one is on pointe (also 90min).


Maybe one goal could be also to find suitable pointe shoes that I could actually do something and not spend the whole 1,5hrs adjusting my shoes and changing into soft ones. :pinch:


Good luck to everyone with your goals and once more: Happy New Year 2009! :clover:

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Let's see:


1) Improve my flexibility - I want to have over 135 degree extensions in all directions (hopefully this will happen in the next few months...)


2) Improve my strength, to hold those extensions on my own!


3) Improve my core/balance (I've always had a problem with an archy back... but it's gotten so much better, and I really have to make sure this is solid before I do anything more difficult on pointe).


4) Make it into my friend's Chamber Ballet Company (my dearest wish, even if I'm in the back waving a rose, I want to perform!!) The auditions are next month... I'm so nervous!


5) Do at least 3 fouettes and 3 a la seconde turns by the end of the year!

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I have a few.

I want to work back up to 3 classes a week, or average 2.5 at least.

I got a David Howard class DVD that may be as good as that 3rd class, depending on what teacher is assigned to the class. I haven't had a chance to inspect the DVD yet.

I have learned that planning for 2 classes a week, ends up giving me an average of one a week once life interrupts. That is part of the reason for the DVD.

A lot will depend on finances and I hope that I will have a decent amount of paid work this year to help out with last years overspending and this years wishes. At least it comes from a "family" business and this year, me working, won't screw up our taxes as my husband claimed just a little work would last year. Of course there has to be work coming in too.....

So far I am not even going to put Dance Camp on my list for this year. I want to show improvement when next I turn up at camp, and I will need a lot of class time to do that. I will have to see how it goes through the spring first.

In class I want to work on core strength. I would have an arabesque if I had a little more strength and confidence in my back.

I also need to work on moving with some semblance of grace. I want it to look like dancing.

Remaining for full classes and participating in as much petite allegro as possible without hurting myself is a big part of that goal. I have to work around the tibial torsion that makes the depth of my plie less on the right than the left.

My feet are on my list of things to work on forever; not just for this year. Showing up and taking class is part of "working on" them for me. Ballet exercises are considered therapy for me right now; for function and for awareness because of my neuropathy. I would just like it if my feet functioned a lot better before they start getting worse as I get older.

I am on my way....up hill, but on my way.

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