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L' Allegro

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I'm choreographing a short (2:20 min) piece for our spring show for myself. I've not done this before, and I'm wondering if there are any particular things I need to keep in mind when working on the choreography.



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First and foremost, listen to the music. Be as familiar with it as you are with the sound of your own voice. Choreographing on oneself is a good way to start work in that craft, as you will know what steps you look good doing, and those things which are easy for you to do in front of other people.


A few basic stagecraft rules:


An audience looks at a stage the way they read text on a page. If you move from stage right to stage left, you are actually diminishing your importance onstage as you approach the end of the "reading line".


The strongest position on the stage is down center, facing the audience.


The next strongest position is down right. In Asia, it is down left. (Many Asian languages read right to left.)


The next strongest after that is down center, with the body facing upstage but the face "cheated" in profile so the audience can see it.


The weakest place on the stage is up left. You can even "vanish" from there and still remain onstage, depending on what else is going on.

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Thanks, EllenDana, but remember, this is the Young Dancers' forum. Students and teacher-moderators only, with very rare exceptions.

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Thanks so much! I just went through my first choreography audition w/ the first minute of my piece, and the teacher auditioning said that she liked what she saw- was in fact very happy with it (happier than I am!!)


Thanks again.

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