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My Daughter last semester switched ballet schools to a pre professional program. This particular school has many girls who are homeschool or leave highschool early to take classes in the late moring. Their schedule is Monday thur Friday a technique followed by a pointe class. In addition to that they have evening classes and this is when my daughter goes. The problem is although my dd has technique class monday-saturday they do not have a pointe class each day in the evening just three times a week. The girls who go during the day are very good but I had a problem with giving up going to a regular high school since my dd is a junior and is almost finished school. Her problem is she feels like she will never caught up to these other girls since they have so many more classes and at times feels left out since she is not part of the day program. I guess I am looking for advice on how many classes she should be taking. We love the new school it excellent as far as traing goes. Do you think she should try to fit in lower level classes, try to somehow take some morning classes, or should I give in and let her go to the day program.


I Should add that my daughter would like to pursue a career in dance which is why we switched schools in the first place. Your advice would be appreciated.

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I taught for a while at a school which had a morning program for those who were home schooled. They took class in the evening with students who went to regular schools. The difference in the progress through that year was pronounced. I found it hard for the students in that level class who were not morning students, because they were clearly at a disadvantage. However, some of them did very well, it's just that the others were able to benefit more, and quicker. This is a problem particular to a school that has that kind of program. If all the students are evening only students, it's not a problem.


So, IF this is what your daughter wants to do for her last year and a half of school, now is the time to do it. If she is not sure, or hesitant, then no. It might just take her a bit longer than those in the a.m. program in terms of reaching her goal. And then, it might not. You never know. :)

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Ms. Leigh, Do you think that many classes could be bad on the body some days there would be four classes per day. Is it fine because there are a few hours rest time until evening classes start?

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It seemed to work very well for the group I was teaching. However, they did not have pointe every morning, just technique, and sometimes some rehearsals. At night they had technique and then sometimes pointe, sometimes jazz or modern, and then rehearsals certain nights and Saturdays. They did very well with the schedule, doing their school work right there at the studio during the day between classes, or, if they lived close enough, going home and coming back. A couple of them had an arrangement with their school where they went very early in the a.m., then came to class, and then went back to school. That was kind of hard, but a couple of them survived it! It's important that they have enough time during the middle of the day to do all of their school work, though.


Is it essential to have that many classes? Possibly not, and I was concerned at first that it might be too much. Many dancers have made it professionally without going that route, at least until after they graduated. But, these students all did well with it and they were quite strong.

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Ms Leigh,

Thank you for your advice. I guess my dd just has to really decide what she wants to do...

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My DD is in a program where earlier classes are taught that augment the evening classes. I have to say since she has begun taking the early classes and the evening ones that she has definitively improved. We were able to work out an arrangement with her high school to allow this. It is very hard for her with a full academic load, and I can say that her academics at times do suffer as a result. Her goal is to dance professionally and she needs the extra classes to catch up to the others and possibly to gain an advantage. It's rough though. Many's the night that I've gone into her room with her asleep in her school clothes and books around her. :P

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How old is your daughter and how long has she been doing am and pm classes? Did you see a huge improvement quickly? My daughter will be taking morning and evening classes this semester with the hope of catching up.

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Hello hhagan, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :yes:


Nothing in ballet is immediate! Seriously, it is a long, slow process. Yes, it will speed up with the addition of more classes, but it simply is not going to happen instantly. By the end of the semester you should certainly see some improvement, though.

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