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Good foot size


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Reading on this site I have seen lots of stuff about feet (arches, insteps, ex.) but nothing about foot size. Is it better for a ballerina to have small feet vs. big feet, feet that are in a certain purportion to the leg, or does it not mater?

I am 5'6'' and wear a size 12 shoe. Should I be worried about anything other then finding shoes (I have done this way too much!! :thumbsup: )?

P.S. If this is in the wrong place I apologise and please move it so it is in the right one.

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Not at all the wrong place!


In my experience, it's not the size of the feet that matter, it's how well they are used! If the foot articulates fully, if it always points when it should, if it supports the dancer well, then it's a good foot, big or little.

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Lavender, are you still growing? I have a feeling that you might have a ways to go yet! If so, you will grow into your feet and it will be fine. :thumbsup:

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