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Hey, I am dreamdancer1265! I have been dancing in ballet for 6 years now; I dropped out of tap, so I am only in jazz and ballet. I also dropped out of pointe.... I am very flexible and I am pretty good at dancing, but my only problem is that I have a hard time jumping, like on jete temps leve i cant seem to get off the ground. This weakens my step. What should i do to help get me off the ground better? Also i have another question, I am not sure why dancers always feel fat, and I don't think its right; I mean, I'm sure 1 out of 100 is a little bit chubby, but not fat. but somehow I feel fat, my friends tell me im not, that I am just that 1 out of 100 but what do you guys do to stay in shape? Running tightens my legs, but is there an easier way? :thumbsup:



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Now, I'll just act as spell- and grammar-check for the existing places that need it (we don't use textspeak here. Shift keys work wonderfully well on computer keyboards!).


First, probably good that you've decided to specialize in jazz and ballet. Now that you're in the 17-22 age range, planning has to enter into the picture. What are you going to do with this? If you're dancing for you, as recreation and creative activity, that's just fine, and anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you're planning on dancing as a career, then all kinds of gears have to shift because a livelihood (yours) is going to depend on dancing for a career.


The issue of the jump is related to not putting what we learn in doing tendus to work when we get further along in the vocabulary of ballet. The temps levé has to do what the foot does in the tendu, only it's pushing you off the ground, and then taking your weight softly when you land. The foot has to point completely all through the little jumps, otherwise, it doesn't look very good, and it can sound even worse! :speechless:


About the body image issues - we don't handle them here. We can't. That's really a branch of medicine, and the most appropriate source of information and guidance on those kinds of things is your family doctor, who can see you and examine the evidence. Sorry, but you really have to talk to your doc on this one!


Now, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)

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thank you, and i am only 13 i started dancing when i was 3, but i was only in tumbling and tap. then when i turned 7 we couldn't do tumbling anymore. thats when my class started jazz and i dropped out of tap! thank you for that advice though, it really helps me!

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Ah, I see. :)


On Ballet Talk for Dancers, we are a dedicated board to classical ballet. There is a central group of moderators who are all professionals in their particular forums. On Young Dancers' forums, the students ask questions, and the teacher-moderators, or Administrators give answers. Followon posts are OK, but students giving advice isn't cool. If you tell of an experience you've had, that's an anecdote, and not the same as advice. Just keep on with us, and we'll help you out.

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