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When Im 18 Im hoping to go to dance collage I have been dancing since age 14 (am nearly 16 now) and have progressed so much am of a high standered now.

Whast qualifications do you need to get into most UK dance collages?

the problem is for me is that Im not very intelligent as have been out of an education for a while due to circumstances would this be a major problem for me?


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Hmm. Now, correct me if I'm wrong on this butterflyprincess, but in the UK, isn't "college" reserved to education after secondary school, but which is aimed toward a trade or craft? A college can also be a part of a "university", which aims for academic vocations and professions.


The big dog in the UK for ballet at the university level is the University at Durham. You'll have to prove that you can do the academic work needed to perform at university level, and because we don't know what your academics have been like, or why you've been "out of an education", we can't be very effective as higher education counselors. You need people close to you, like a guidance counselor, to help you shape your further education and worklife.

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