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Is anyone familiar with Diana Byer's Ballet School NY? (it's attached to the NY Theater Ballet). Have heard some very good things about the classes but can't find any "professional" opinions out there. My daughter is almost 12 and at a school with a great "name" but I have become increasingly disillusioned by the disorganization at the school, constant change of teachers, lack of progress, etc. Thanks in advance for any input.

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Ballet School NY enjoys a fine reputation among dancers and other teachers alike, and is one of the better places in the US to study in the Cecchetti Method.

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Thanks. I will call them next week. Having such a hard time with this--this is something I know so little about and I'm trying hard to do the right thing for my daughter!

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When you say, "lack of progress", what exactly do you mean? Perhaps we can be helpful in directing you towards schools that may meet her needs if we have a bit more information about her current training situation. No names- just information like what method may be currently used, etc., unless it identifies the school.

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The current school does not have a particular "method" attached to it--but while she's taking class four times a week, there isn't enough time on pointe (as told to me by one of the teachers who I also consider a friend). My daughter's been there a long time and is one of the top students at her level but pretty much all Dec was spent rehearsing for Nutcracker and the school is in totally disarray. At the moment, there is no level above except for junior trainee--and those kids are 2, 3, and 4 years older. So mostly concerned about next year--thinking ahead for September. Thanks for any advice.

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That is very helpful. So dd is 12 and is very serious about ballet? That is a good age to make a change, and I do have some suggestions for you :bash:


First of all, have her take audition classes at every school you are both considering. Have her get a feel for the culture of the school; she should have some feedback that will be helpful to you while evaluating schools.


Next, read as much as you can about professional ballet schools here on Ballet Talk for Dancers. There is a wealth of information about year-round schools, whose SI cultures can be very different from their year-round environment.


Make sure the places you are considering have a reputation for turning out professional talent, and make sure they have a proper schedule in order to facilitate the training.


That should help you both to make a good choice!

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