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Hip flexers?!

Jess :)

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I'm Jess, and new to this site- however I think it's really great what you guys do!

Okay.. So I'm having a problem with understanding my hip flexers.


So I've been told that they should be relaxed- is this right?!

But I always seem to feel tight and tensed around that area.. what am I doing wrong?

And are there any exercises that I could do to help it "loosen up" ?


Thanks in advanced,

any help is very much apreciated!


Jess :thumbsup: x

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Jess, there are about 47 posts about hip flexors here, including some rather recent ones. Please type hip flexors into the Search box, don't check any particular forum, and it will bring up a couple of pages of posts. :thumbsup:

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Actually, just "flexors" will do it. The search software hates words with fewer than four letters. :thumbsup:


And if that's not satisfactory, try psoas or iliopsoas.


Bear in mind that not everything you feel around your pelvic girdle may be muscle!

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Check the spelling, Jess...it won't work if you spell it flexErs ;) It's flexOrs.

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