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Are extremely low arches very bad?

Jess :)

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I have got extremly low arches- in fact I'm considered " flat footed" and have to wear orthotics in all of my shoes. I was just wondering if this is really bad or if it does not matter too much?


And would this be the reason why I find it difficult to keep my feet pointed and not floppy, and have some difficulties rising all the way through my demi pointe & pointe..?


I hope this is clear!

Thank you very much in advanced- it is very much apreciated!

Jess :thumbsup: x

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Since you have made your way all the way to Advanced 2, you must be doing the right things with your feet, no matter how they're built. It's how you use the feet, whether they articulate properly, whether your weight is in the appropriate "control zone" at the appropriate times, not whether they have high arches. Keep working on those tendus and glissés!

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I have the same foot type as you (though I don't wear orthotics, but I've been told I should), and though it's harder to make it look pretty, it's easier to work with on some respects. The girls with the insane arches have a much harder time finding a shoe that supports them properly, and go through a lot more shoes than we do, at least from my personal experience. The biggest downside I think is that having flat feet means your foot is absorbing more impact when you land a jump, so you really have to bend your knees properly or you might put too much stress on the knee and hip joints, as well as your back. I'm obviously no doctor, just repeating what's been said to me.


ETA: Oops, didn't realize this was the 13-16 board somehow, I belong on the other board. My bad, if someone wants to delete this please go ahead. :]

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We will leave it this time, xSugarplum, since you are new today. :blushing: Just check which forum you are posting to and make that a habit and you will be fine. :P

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i'm almost flatfooted but not completely and I do have unfortunately low arches. But they can definitely be fixed! My feet have changed a lot from working on pointing them to their maximum on every tendu, degage, jete, etc. and of course the theraband!

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