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Hello! :bash:


Any help would be greatly apreciated!

What do people think about the New Zealand Royal Ballet School?


I am still far too young to be thinking about the school..

But I would love to hear what others think!



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Jess, I'm going to move this over to Professional/Residential Schools, and everybody will have a chance to comment, if they have any information.

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Jess, a dear school friend of mine is the general manager of the NZ Royal ballet. As far as I know they don't have a school attached to them - if you go to their web-site you can see that. They do do educational seminars throughout NZ. NZ does have a really good training school, The New Zealand School of Dance, in Wellington. Is this what you were referring to?

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Thank you for moving this- and sorry I put it in the wrong place!


Yes I was referring to the one in Wellington.

Oh I see, yes I will visit their site! See what kind of information I can dig up :D


Thank you all for posting!

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I have attended full time at my ballet school instead of going to NZ School as I feel that if your training is good at your school there really is no need to go elsewhere.

I would speak to your present teacher about whether they offer full time, also on their views of NZ School and whether they think you would be suited to the school.


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Even though we do not have a plethora of New Zealander members, we do need to stick to our policies of only providing first-hand information on the school in question. Otherwise, the information is not particularly reliable. :pinch:

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Yes my Ballet school does offer a full time program,

Thanks heaps when it comes to the right time I will talk to my teacher about it.


Thank you everyone!


I really appreciate it!



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I trained at the New Zealand School of Dance many years ago (many many) and visited there last year for the reunion where I observed the end of year graduation performance and toured the facility.

I did not however observe any classes.

The facility is new and in the old showgrounds so it is HUGE and beautiful. Great classrooms, excellent facilities and pilates studio. I believe they have an onsite theater and reception lobby. I observed the final performance and will say that I found the contemporary to be stronger than the classical in the performance. That being said classical reportoire is extremely difficult to perform very well and classical dancers look extremely strong dancing contemporary.

I think the questions being asked is the same as the discussion of going to a residency or staying at the home studio that goes on in any country. It totally depends on your location and if your needs are being met at your home school.

There is some great training choices in New Zealand and Australia and the New Zealand School of dance is one of those choices. Do you homework and go visit if you can.

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