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Getting rid of tension..

Jess :)

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Ballet talk for dancers,

Hi I am Jess, and I am fourteen years old.

I have a question on tension. Sometimes in class I get the idea that my technique is rather good, ( it has definitely improved over '08) but my artistry could do with a whole lot of work.


I do try, but sometimes I think that it is because I have too much tension.

Is there a way that I can relax, and not tense in areas such as my neck, shoulders and hips!


Other whys I feel so stuck :dry: ! And that's not what Ballet is about! :bash:

Thank you very much in advance!


Jess :shrug:

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Jess, we are all stressed, and by very many things. Since ballet involves a great deal of physical effort, it's a natural thing for the effort to show in places where it's not supposed to, as in your hands, your neck, your shoulders. The problem is that ballet is not natural, and we have to work against our natural inclinations in order to do it successfully. We are supposed to do the most unearthly things with a supreme ease that doesn't let anybody else know how impossible it is! Modern (contemporary) dancers use "isolation" to counteract strain showing in the body. In learning it, they start with large areas of the body, sometimes the entire thing(!) and just relax it. After awhile, they grow so skillful at it that they can be totally loose in one place, and have another part of the body completely engaged, with the muscles very active.


People have had anti-stress devices for as long as there have been people. Why, even dancing was originally an anti-stressor. Being a teen is no bed of roses anywhere, and you've got a lot in your life going on right now, so it's entirely normal for stress in one part of your life to show in other parts of it.


Now, you've got a great number of posts in only one single day. This suggests to me that you're a very high-energy person, and that's a good thing! What we cultivate now is patience, and see how comments from others come in. Take your shoes off, let your hair down, and just...ahhhhh...relax! :)

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Mr Johnson,


Thanks very much. This information is rather informative!

I think you are right- I always have my list of things to do for the day.. and go crazy If I don't get heaps of things done on one day!


I should take your advice- and relax! :shhh: haha!


Thanks again for this reply- it was extremly helpful!


Jess :D

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