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Movies: Mao's Last Dancer

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It's only been out in Australia for a few days, so I guess release in the US wont be for a bit yet. I plan to see it ASAP.



Is there recent information about possible US release? When will it be available on DVD? There is no DVD format available in Amazon, as of today.

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I just read in the paper that the US release date will be August 6th. I was lucky enough to get the DVD sent to me by an Australian relative - it's a beautiful movie. They did a nice job of condensing the book to fit the movie. And the casting of Li Cunxin's character was wonderful! Just wish the DVD had many more extra's. It had a very nice "Making Of" feature, but only 2 expanded ballet sequences.


And I do plan on seeing it on the big screen, too, when it is released here!

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I just finished the book, which was very enjoyable and a lot of cogent points to make to my DD (who I hope will read it next in her nonexistent spare time).


Saw Cao as Blue Bird in Royal Birmingham Ballet Sleeping Beauty, and he was definitely a real stand-out. So glad it looks like this movie will actually open in the US relatively soon.

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The website says it's only playing in "select theaters." I hope my theater is selected! Usually that means only big cities. :wink: I saw the trailer and really want to see this movie.

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If you click on Buy Tickets it takes you to the list of cities and theatres.



Aww...it's not playing anywhere near me!! Grrr!!! :) I guess I have to wait for the DVD, or perhaps it will go into wide release later on.

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i am waiting for the dvd release. if you setup an alert in amazon, you should get a notification when it's avail for sale in the US.

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Through connections with some Australian family, I happened to be able to watch the movie while recuperating from my surgery a few months ago (great way to fend off boredom :) ). It was excellent! I wasn't too thrilled to see Amanda Schull starring in it (as I wasn't too fond of her in Center Stage) but I must say her performance was excellent in Mao's Last Dancer. The boys and men cast as Li Cunxin were also all fantastic! Overall, one of my favorite ballet movies so far!

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This movie is coming to our area next week! Some of us moms would love to bring a group of girls from our studio, but wondering what age would be too young to see it or is it good for all ages? I know it varies, but any suggestions?

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This movie is on at the Cinema Nouveau cinema's in South Africa at the moment if anyone is interested.

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I just came from seeing this movie. I originally wanted to see it because one of my DD's former dancemates is dancing at TBT with Ben Stevenson. I have to say the movie blew me away! It was fantastic. The story is very emotional and the dancing is very good (aside from some special camera effects that were added during dance sequences that were not necessary, IMHO). I can't say enough about this movie. It is definitely a must see for any dance lover.


Moderators, please move this post if this movie has already been discussed.

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I saw it a few weeks ago. I really liked it. I would say it would be appropriate for children 10 and up. There is no graphic violence depicted. It is clean and there is a kissing scene and some innuendo but nothing crude or inappropriate in my opinion.

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Our family was so fortunate to get to see this movie last night! What an inspirational and moving story! You can't help but be moved. Love the way it was told as well. And the dancing - well - just amazing! Mr. Cao, who plays Mr. Cuixin as an adult dancer is just wonderful to watch! All the dancing is great!

Highly recommend this movie! Even my 11 year old DD loved it! (and she thought it was going to be a boring documentary and didn't want to go :)) when we were driving home she said she was so glad she saw it after all.

Just an added note - we got to the theatre and the marquee said it was rated pg-13, and not PG. So to inform any parents out there, I will elaborate on why I thought this was the rating given. There is one part for about 30 seconds where they talk about 'adult relationships' and discuss the physical part, and I had to ask my daughter to cover her ears (she's still not quite ready to hear about this stuff and I really didn't want to have to explain it to her at that moment). Other than that, there is a 'bad dream' sequence for about 15 seconds which may not be good for a younger child under 13 to watch, because there is a gun involved, but you do not see it used - you only get the idea it is used. I am very sensitive to these things for my children and maybe I'm too cautious, but in case anyone else is like me out there, I feel compelled to let you know. It's not really that big a deal, I just did not expect it, especially since other than that, the movie gave no impression that I should expect anything at all.


And my husband got a kick out of seeing a lot of Houston too, where he grew up. I am now wanting to read the book. Really, a great movie!

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