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Making a variation for audition


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So, I'm going to audition for my friend's college classical ballet company, and she told me to make up a short variation for the audition.


Now, I am at an intermediate level of ballet and pointe, and I want to show off things I'm especially good at (anything a la seconde, pique and chaine turns, bourrees, and echappes). Should I try to make something up off the cuff, or go for a more traditional variation? I was thinking of doing a modified Bluebird (but no hops en pointe, good Lord, I can't do those yet!) which is really the only variation I know... :(


Does anyone have any other suggestions for good variations I should try? I'm not at the level in my studio to do the variations class yet, so I don't have a handy repertoire. Also, what would an auditioner look for in a combination? Are there things I should make sure to put in so she knows I can do them?


Thanks for any help!

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Perhaps you might ask your question directly of those holding the audition. There may already be established criteria that you must follow. :(

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