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Master Classes?


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What does everything think of taking Master Classes? We have an upcoming opportunity to take a class (at an additional $29 fee) at my studio. The teacher is currently First Soloist at Les Grands Ballet Canadians, de Montreal, Quebec. I took a Master Class - once, and felt completely out of my element.


My thinking one of the classes offered is in lieu of my regular class, meaning the attendees will more than likely be my peers, but I hate to pay the extra fee only to feel like a fish out of water.


Any opinions on this?

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I only took one master class and I turned out to be the only adult participant. Although there were a few girls from my studio that I dance regularly with, most of the participants were strangers and probably wondered who the old lady was. My abilities fit in somewhere in the middle (not the best but not the worst) and I quickly got over the self consciousness because I cound't worry AND focus on keeping up. It was difficult and challenging but I got a lot out of it. I think it's worth it.

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Thank you for your opinion on this. Yes, the one master class I previously took was with teenagers that were at a much higher level than I will ever be at. I'll check with the teacher at the studio and get her feed back at the level, but since she personally invited me to the class, I'm thinking she feels I can do it. Just hate to waste money right now.

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The Master classes I have taken are taught by high level teachers and dancers, I've never felt out of my element, but did have to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Well worth attending.

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This may not be particularly helpful, but when I was studying ballet as a teenager we had one master class (it was hard to convince professional dancers to fly to a small town in Alaska), and the main memory of it I have is of the dancer who taught it criticizing my finger placement on the grounds that we were "not at a tea party" (I am still not entirely sure what he meant). We were pretty high level teenagers, and I think I can safely say that all of us felt out of place, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.


That being said, it was actually really nice to have a chance to work with a different teacher than my usual two and to push myself harder than I usually did. There's something about a master class that just makes you want to work harder to impress the teacher. (Or I suppose that could just be me...) If I had the opportunity to take one, I would, but of course it can't hurt to talk it over with your teacher. I would agree that since she invited you personally, she thinks you can do it.

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If the teacher at the studio invited you and she's familiar with your abilities....go for it! Hopefully, it will be challenging because if it wasn't, then it wouldn't be as good. Let us know if you decide to attend and how it goes. Good luck and enjoy!

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