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Is this stretch dangerous?

Jess :)

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Hey everybody, i have a small question on a stretch.. This may be hard to explain- so, sorry if it makes no sense! :D


Okay, so some people have told me that doing this stretch is dangerous, but others have told me that it's great for second splits etc.. :wacko:

The stretch goes like this;

You lie stomach down, with your legs out in a " frog position" so that your legs are at a right angle to your body. And bent at the knees.

I was just wondering if anybody knows if this stretch IS safe to do, or if I should not be doing it at all..?

Oh, and if the stretch doesn't make any sense- then just say and I will stry and descibe it better! :dry:


Thanks again!

Jess X

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You have described it well enough. This is not a recommended stretch. Yes, it is dangerous. :D

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Okay great, thanks very much.. I certainly wont be using that stretch anytime soon! :dry:


It does worry me that there are so many dangerous stretches, that so many people do becuase they don't know any better. :D


I just wanted to check this one out- thanks!

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