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January Whine (with a little cheese and crackers please)


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Okay, so back to my regular schedule of classes last night. Oy - my aching back! Fortunately I've been able to continue with my pilates classes during the Holiday Hiatus, but wow, never realized how much I use my back - and we didn't do any pointe work. Pointe work was supposed to be tonight, but with the freezing rain, that will be delayed to Saturday.


How is everyone else faring?

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Happy January! I'm sure your back will be back (pun intended) in no time. I always hurt more coming back from a few weeks without class.


My month has been okay thus far. Had two good classes over the weekend and then an okay class last night. My hip flexors were super-tight after my weekend classes, and I couldn't get them to relax yesterday; my legs seemed to weigh a million pounds. Oh well, the month is young and it will get better from here!

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I was SO happy to finally be able to go back to class on Monday!


But on Tuesday I had to go to a meeting at dd's school. Tonight it snowed and it was slippery just coming home from the grocery store, so I really didn't want to drive 35 miles each way to class. :yes: I really need to learn to drive in this stuff!


So I stayed home and ate Rollos and York Peppermint Patties and watched tv. It's a good thing I did 15 minutes of Wii Fit (the balance stuff is hard!), 20 minutes with the pilates weighted b-a-l-l-s, and 25 minutes of Rodney Yee's Flexibility yoga video this morning. :(

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I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling out of shape on returning. I thought it was just me. I spent nearly the entire hols in the gym, working on cardio, strength and flexibility. I'm pleased to say at least my splits were better on returning but that's about the only thing. I felt heavy as a cow and that's after having LOST weight in the previous week.


I hope it comes back, because right now I feel VERY discouraged! :yes:

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I had my first class after two weeks holiday and a 5-hours-exam without a break and I think I have never been that stiff in my life before. I managed to cramp my right side from neck to hip by writing like crazy and sitting for five hours and yesterday in class I could really feel it. I felt like a marble statue. Besides that it is freezing cold here and I sit and learn the whole day with many pullovers on and I still don't feel warm at all. Not really good to come frozen to class.


I hope tonight things will work better!

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Every year the same thing - holidays result in three things: Too much Nutcracker, too much nuts and crackers, and too little dancing. It is normal to gain a little weight, and lose some capability during this period of indulgence.


However, have faith in the years of training. It does indeed all come back - and the more you have worked in the previous year - the faster your body returns to dancing fitness.


Expect stiffness and pain when you return to dance - that is your body telling you that you took some time off. However, it will reward your discipline and return to normal faster than you thnk - just get through the first few weeks.


At the end of the day - I am left with the impression that you are all paying attention to detail, and that is what dance is all about. This is just telling you that yes, indeed, what you do makes a difference.


Do it. Make a difference.


And, welcome back to dance in 2009!



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Oh - I expected to have sore muscles. I was just surprised at how sore my back muscles were, and how many there were that were sore, some I never knew I had! But all is better today, just in time for another class! Hopefully there will be class, it has been snowing all day. :blushing:

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The weather here is really getting on my nerves. Two weeks ago snow. One week ago, freezing rain. This week more snow...on the day I was trying to get a second class in for each week. Technically they were all the first class of the week, because Thursdays have worked out.

This was not the plan for getting back to it post long break.

I saw a posting for a new class at my local YMCA. Lunchbreak Yoga. It is only a half hour class, but might get me into the cardio room right after. It starts tomorrow...if it is not "snowed out" and delayed.

I hate January weather here.

And I injured my piriformis again. It wasn't even in ballet. I got an injection on Friday and was pain free for the weekend. So far so good. I had light exercise in the pool today. I did want to get back to ballet class and give it a good stretch there too, but it is probably good that I am not driving out with the winter storm advisory out there and that. I'd hate to waste the shot.

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I hear ya sister! I got one Wednesday class in during January. No Wednesday classes in December. Was hoping for at least two in January, but the day after the one class I got, I came down with pneumonia! The biggest problem is it seems these storms keep hitting on the same day of the week. For us here in Vermont, it seems to always be on Wednesday, which usually kills that class, and then most of the Thursday classes as well. UGH!! Now, with barely getting over the pneumonia (been home for 12 days), my big problem is if I don't get home before too much snow falls, I can't get my car up our 900 vertical feet of driveway, and feeling as I do, I'm not sure I can slip slide my way up that hill. Sheesh - it has to stop - or at least snow on a weekend!

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My house is up a pretty steep hill from the main road in a subdivision. If we didn't have a state legislator on our street we would be up the proverbial creek every winter. Somehow our street gets plowed and salted pretty much first of the day, and repeated. We assume it is because of our legislator's presence. The man has to be able to get out of here to get to work 60 miles away during sessions.

It can still be a nightmare going up or down the hill.


Everything here is iced over right now. We may have a tiny bit of melt today, but then we expect several inches of snow by Midnight.


You are right. The storms have come Monday-Tuesday each week for 3 weeks now. I could stand a Friday night instead. Then you would have it by Sunday. Our weather usually heads your way when we are done with it.

Thursday night is my first priority class right now. Monday and Tuesday are gravy. I do love gravy.....

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The cold weather is wreaking havoc on my achilles tendons. I'm this close to shoving those disposable heat packets into my shoes which could either be a truly awesome or a truly terrible idea.

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The cold weather is wreaking havoc on my achilles tendons. I'm this close to shoving those disposable heat packets into my shoes which could either be a truly awesome or a truly terrible idea.

I don't know about during class, but perhaps after class - for the ride home?

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:innocent: Well, they make them for winter boots! I was picturing you wearing them in your ballet shoes! They are very small, half-moon type shape, and have a sticky part on the bottom so they stay in place in your shoes (or boots). They last about 4 hours, depending on how tight your shoes are, they are oxygen generated. I'm sure Major Mel has some fancy words for it. All I know is if your boots are too tight the heaters will stop working.
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