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I know I posted something about rolling in on my feet before... but now I realize its not only when im standing. Everytime I lift my leg to the side the standing foot rolls in. Everytime I try to stand without rolling in, my leg gets lower. Also, when I plie in fifth, its hard to keep my feet from rolling in. Its only in certain positions. I dont know how to fix it!! Help!!

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Rolling is caused from incorrect alignment and weight placement, along with forcing rotation beyond what your hips can handle. You are probably turning out your feet, not your legs, and/or trying to stand in "perfect" turnout and you don't have perfect turnout.


Work on alignment and weightplacement first, including being sure that you keep all five of your toes on the floor, including the baby toe. That should help to not only feel the rotation from the hip, but also to prevent rolling. Rolling is very dangerous and must be corrected ASAP. Work with your teacher.

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