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frogs and butterflies


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I can get my knees on the floor in a butterfly position, but I cant in a frog. I can if someone pushes my feet down, but it hurts... alot! I dont know why this is. Also, how do you know what degree turnout you have? How do you know if you have a 180 degree turnout?

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We have a number of threads on this forum about the frog stretch. The teachers on this board do not like them and think that they can be harmful.


It's not necessary to know your degree of rotation, just to work for the very best that you can. Very few people have natural 180 degrees. Some achieve it without sacrificing placement and alignment, but many, if not most, do not.

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As always, petit-parapluie, more work on slow tendu and epecially rond de jambe à terre! Butterfly is fine, but don't hold the toes and sickle the feet. When you are well warmed up, then middle splits are good.


The very best way to improve rotation is to work it and to USE IT to the VERY best of your ability in every single exercise in class, every day.

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