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Since I don't see one yet for January, here goes!


I took the highest level adult class last night (I'm a level or two below it), just for barre, thinking I would totally bomb. It fit in time-wise with dd's ballroom class and one of my teachers recommended at least trying it.


I actually made it through all of barre, without too much trouble, and actually did the first floor exercise. Not well, but I did it! The teacher was so nice and his barre was very interesting.


Yay! :sweating:

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So I took my first class of the year on Wednesday, and largely due to Pilates, my muscles aren't killling me. My new teacher complimented me on my core, which I've been working on for the past year and finally seeing some results- now if the belly fat would go away I'd be set! I did fall doing a double bent knee jazz piroette, but I did a clean double (feels weird to bend supporting leg and turn in) right before I fell.

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I had some help from my teacher this week while stretching and saw my leg in a beautiful arabesque position that I never knew I was even capable of - on my bad side no less! I almost cried.

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It wasn't IN ballet class, but thanks to ballet class that I managed a combination of double turns and fouettés quite well in jazz class yesterday. I didn't even get dizzy, not even after doing the whole thing 4 times.

And a thing to look forward to: I have the weekend off next week, so I'll be able to go to ballet and floor barre Saturday and Sunday, that's 4 extra classes.

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I did a few triple pirouettes today. They weren't as clean as I'd like, but they were triples!


I also got a "good job!" on an adagio combination.


And, not ballet related, but I got my hair colored and it looks really good. :P

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I just had a nice class with my other teacher, where I didn't feel like chucking it all in. She did simple exercises to get us all back in the groove and I could cope this time! :-)

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Baby steps for me, but this week I took a class every day, for the first time since November.


I had a REALLY bad cold, no classes in December until after Christmas and then 2 or 3 a week at most. (In the fall I was doing 8 a week, sometimes more.) So this is a real milestone for me - I'm whupped at the end of the week, but not dead yet! :blink:

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I have not done any fouettés at all for some time because I kind of lost them (don't ask me why, one day I could not do a single anymore) and last wednesday in my class, I just did them again and *bang* I could do about 12 (left AND right...which is great) and they were clean, no travelling and I could land without falling over! It felt like flying! :blink: And oh, I nearly managed to do a triple pirouette. Seems to be like my "turning" month

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This week I did what Olddude did and managed to get through it. This in addition to working all day for me is quite an accomplishment! And it included my first pointe class in a couple of months.


I'll try again next week and see how it goes. My ankle hurts but only the "old" injury hurt - which I've always had. Thank heavens that so far it appears the "richmond" injury has resolved...*fingers crossed!*

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I just got the okay from my doctors and teacher to start doing some basic pointe work again. I've been so injured since I was 15 that I haven't been healthy enough to even consider it but after class on Tuesday, the teacher said I should go get fitted so long as my doctor cleared it. He did and voila! I'm going to get fitted either today or tomorrow.


I also had an awesome idea for a new contemporary dance (incorporating ballet elements but I wouldn't call it a ballet) I plan on choreographing and I might even have found some dancers to make it on.


Yay! :lol:

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