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Auditions: Contemporary solo?


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For one of my auditions it says on their website "come prepared with a contemporary solo." I'm a bit confused by this. When they say contemporary do they mean like barefoot, rolling on the floor contemporary, or just a solo on pointe that is not from a classical ballet? Am I supposed to learn an existing piece of choreography or just make something up myself/with my teacher? Also how long are they expecting it to be?

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Angela, is this for a college or a company audition? I think the only way to know for sure is to contact them. My guess would be anything that is not from the classical repertoire, and it can be choreographed by your teacher, or by you, or whoever. It does not usually have to be on pointe, but can be. But again, I would ask.

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oh okay thanks this is for tulsa ballet but

i was wondering if they just wanted to see us dance but not the same classical variations or if they wanted to see if we could do a totally different style. But of course I could just get cut before the solo part lol

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