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Happy New Year Everyone! :)


My Dd will be attending a Master Class at Eugene Ballet Academy and will see Swan Lake perfomed by the company afterwards. Here is the schedule for the day - They attend class first, a luncheon, a discussion session, and than watch the performance.


What can she expect in her master class? :thumbsup: It's an intermediate master class.

It's for ages 11 and up (she's only 10.5 but we called and she got permission to attend).


What, if any thing, should she be prepared for? Are Master Classes conducted like a regular class? DD is currently in a beginning intermediate class and goes twice a week. (Curious - What does Master Class mean and how is it defined?)


Her instructors have confidence in her skills and feel this would be a great experience for her. However, it's for ages 11 and up. Depending on the various ages of the students will it be taught by age and experience level or modified because of the younger dancers attending the class?


What is the usual dress code - black leo, bun, and shoes only (are skirts or ballet shorts usually not allowed?) There was no dress code requirements specified, didn't want her to be self conscious about being dressed inappropriately.


DD is really looking forward to going. She just doesn't know what to expect and I didn't want to give her any wrong info. So, if anyone else's DD or DS has attended one too, give me a shout out! :D


P.S. Sorry, didn't know if I should have posted this in a different place - I chose this section because she's under 13.

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Are Master Classes conducted like a regular class.........(Curious - What does Master Class mean and how is it defined?)


Yes, they are generally just class with the difference being who is teaching and what they might bring to the table so to speak. It sounds like a wonderful experience for your daughter, tell her to "just take class and enjoy it".

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When ever in doubt about a dress code, always go classic... black leotard, pink tights, pink shoes, and hair always in a bun... no skirt or shorts. You can never go wrong with it. :ermm:

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Thank you momof3 and tothepointe, :(


You both rock!!!! :ermm: I appreciate all your advice and will pass it on to DD. Phew, now I can calm down! :(


Yeegads - I think I was more nervous about this stuff than she was! :(

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