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I just got back from my SAB audition...


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It went pretty well, except for the fact that I messed up twice. :( First I messed up one tour jete to the left but I was able to get them after the first one. Then I didnt get my pointe shoes on quick enough and I missed a whole barre excercise. I first put my shoes on the wrong feet, so I thought I could quickly swith them, but I guess I was wrong. Everything else went pretty well... I landed all my turns :( I just dont know if these mistakes ruined my chances. I guess I just need a little confidence. :ermm:

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What is there to be upset about? You did the best you could, and either you made it or you didn't. No point in getting upset yet! And don't forget that there are a LOT of other VERY GOOD schools out there. SAB is not the one and only. Anyway, I thought from your name that you are more of an ABT fan???

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I like both =) But id rather get into SAB, than ABT. Ive ALWAYS dreamed of dancing with NYCB someday, and I just felt like I belonged at SAB the minute I walked into that building. I just wanted the audition to go perfectly, and it didnt.

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And if you didn't get in, you'll be that much better prepared for the next audition!! :thumbsup:


A dancer's life is filled with auditions and rejections and acceptances. Even once she's made a company there's no guarantee that she'll have that job next season. And, when choreographers come in to work with a company, sometimes they will work with all the women for a short time to see which ones they want to work with, and the rest are not cast in the piece.


Basically, as a mom, I'm telling you to buck-up, recognize that many dancers get rejected every day, learn that nothing is ever perfect, and as long as you learn something from an experience, it's not wasted.


If you get the spot in the school/position with the company/cast in the show, that's just gravy. The important stuff is what you get to do every day of your life that many, many people will never have a chance to do: DANCE!!!!!



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Wow, Clara 76 you always know how to make me feel better! :thumbsup: If I dont get in, oh well. There are other auditions and other schools. Im only 13 so I have some time. I have an ABT audition February 7th. Maybe ill get into that one! I was on the waitlist last year! :D

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