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hi, you don't really how much i love to dance. sometimes i don't show it, but i really do. anyways, I'm only in 8th grade so I'm not close to going to college, but my guidance counselers are already asking us what we want to be when we grow up. I've thought about becoming a professional dancer, but i feel like i wouldn't be able to do other things because i will probably always be dancing. and also dancers DO NOT make a lot of money. i would like to become a dancer, but I'm really worried about other situations in the future.





thank you!!! =)

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Lexii, by asking the question you have really answered it. If you feel that you would miss out on anything at all, including money, then heading towards a career in ballet is not a great idea.


Lexii, you have not responded to my PM from yesterday. I WILL delete you if I don't get a valid email address today. Then you will have to start all over to get to the BB and Teen Private Forum.

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And if you don't start capitalizing appropriately, you can also forget about college. :P

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I don't understand what the big deal is if i forget to capitalize something. You guys can be really mean sometimes, just chill. =(


Victoria, i don't know what you are talking about????????????


Also, i feel like i didn't answer my question still.

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We're about the same age and one thing I heard once is education can widen your options. But at some point options are limited by time. Pro ballet dance would be one such job. I've heard you can't become a physician after age 35. Maj. Johnson would know if this is because med schools won't admit you or if it is because of board exam guidelines. Anyway the idea is career options are like a closing wedge held open by knowledge, if you can visualize that. > (closing) or = (open)


Also, I use a MS Word to write my posts and cut and paste. This really helps :P with caps & punctuation.

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If you install Google Chrome (It's free!) it has spell check on internet pages. So if you're posting and misspell something, it will be underlined in red. :P

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I know how to capitalize and stuff and I know that it will be underlined in red. I'm sorry if i forgot, people can forget sometimes. I just thought that it didn't matter if I didn't capitalize one little thing.

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Lexii, it's important to use proper English, to include capitalization and grammar, in your posts. As with so much of what we do here, we're in part preparing for the world of work. You would be surprised at how much writing you are expected to do as a dancer. Around the time of contract interviews, Mr. Joffrey would ask dancers to prepare a letter or essay around their expectations for the coming year. That writing was used in the annual interview.


Also, we have many, many people who use our board. Many do not have English as a first language, and we want them to understand as much as they possibly can. Native speakers can decipher non-standard writing with only a little effort. Those who do not speak English as a first language may have trouble understanding what is being said.


Also, Russina, you can become a doctor after age 35. Many med schools weren't allowing older students to study, on the grounds that their years of practice would be shorter than for younger candidates. As of 1983, that became illegal. In practice, though, not a large proportion of med students are over 35.

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Lexii, I know you don't understand what I said, and I also think you don't understand about our reasons for being strict on this board. It is very disconcerting to read posts without clear beginnings and endings to sentences, and without using "I" instead of i when speaking of oneself. It was not a once in a while thing. ALL of your posts totally lack capitalization. Even in the posts above, where you were objecting or failing to understand, you still used the small 'i'. This is from your last post, above: "I'm sorry if i forgot, people can forget sometimes. I just thought that it didn't matter if I didn't capitalize one little thing." Do you see what I mean? Here is was just once, but in all your other posts it was constant throughout the post.


Have you read all the responses to posts you made today? Have you seen where I told you that I will delete you if I don't get a legal email address for you today? I meant it. I'm receiving a ridiculous amount of bounced emails sent to you, and I'm totally sick of it. You cannot be a member of this board without a valid email address. Besides that, you did not respond to my last PM, which was yesterday. You have 2.5 hours to send me a new address.


If you remain on this board, someday I will explain to you my response to your opening post on this thread. Right now, I'm not going to take the time and energy because I don't think you will understand it.

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