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I am not looking for a pre-pro school, but please move to the "pre-pro" board if necessary.


I am looking for a few new places to start dancing since I have moved North from Miami. I know of great schools in Miami, but I don't want to make the long drive down, so does anyone know of any studios in the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area that offer adult beginner ballet and modern to advanced levels as well?


I won't say where, but unfortunately, I recently had a very bad ballet class experience. The teacher pushed the students very hard, a little"too" hard in my opinion, all the while demonstrating with the most sickled feet I've ever seen. During my pro days I had some really "hardcore" teachers, but this woman honestly took the cake, with the exception that she never threw any chairs or barre equipment at me! :(


I don't expect a ballet class to be all rainbows and butterflies, but I would like a nice environment that is also serious and concerned with proper technique. I've been able to find great studies in every other state I've lived in, and even in Northeast Florida, but perhaps the slew of bad experiences I have had down here make me a little wary. :shhh:

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Can I ask what studios you liked in Miami? When my dd visits her grandparents she'd like to find somewhere to take class. They live in the Pinecrest area. Thanks.


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Boca Ballet Theatre, in Boca Raton has morning and evening adult classes, but it might be too far from your area. :shhh:

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Martha Mahr has a wonderful studio in the Gables, but I'm not sure about the adult class policy as I took there as a guest of a friend who had studied there before beginning her dance career (and since!). You may want to call and ask.


For a more informal studio that has pretty solid classes, coconut grove ballet in Coconut Grove is a good choice. They are on the other side of US-1 than Pinecrest, but not too far a drive (that is, if you want to brave US-1!).


Finally, Miami City ballet always has great open ballet classes. They generally teach the class to the level of the students taking that day, but also offer a beginning adult class once a week, I believe.

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I'm not too far from where you are, in that I'm in the same "parallel" but far west.


Ballet Etudes has a great adult class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 (I take on Thursdays!) with a wonderful teacher. It's in Pembroke Pines by Pembroke Lakes Mall.


There's also Dancers Gallery which has a teen/adult class on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they might be too far west for you. It's by 184th and Pines Blvd. It also has a lyrical teen/adult on Mondays. Not modern, I know but still plausible. DG also has a class on Saturdays which is kind of an advanced beginner class - all teens and, erm, me. I take a variety of levels at DG - from beginner TO advanced - about 7 hours of ballet a week. They're very open-minded with adults coming into classes with teens and, if need be, children.


I can't vouch for any in Hollywood though.


Here are some sites for local schools - you'll have to ring them to see if they have adult classes at beginner level.


http://www.fortlauderdaleballet.com/maschoolballet.htm (an excellent studio but I don't know if they have adult classes)


http://www.stellasdancers.com/class.html (one of my students goes here - anything that says "teen" is also probably adult and beginner)




And here's the list I googled - cannot vouch for any of the above except the two I actually study at, of course.




Hope this is both legal for me to do on here, and helpful! :-)


When you get PM privileges, PM me and I'll do what I can to fill you in on what I DO know.

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Well, I had just typed up a lovely response (haha), and I apparently forgot to log in... however, in a nutshell...


vrsfanatic - it's about a 25 mile drive for me but as my mother used to lug me almost 2 hours to a dance studio 3 times a week as a young teen, I think I can make the time! As Serendipity suggested, I will PM when allowed (if you don't mind) for more info. Plus, who could resist comming up to beautiful Boca?


Serendipity -


Serendipity - thanks for all the resources, and I'll definitely be contacting you when I reach "member"

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Boca's about an hour's drive from our area, btw, but the classes there ARE fabulous. My teacher took me there on a Tuesday when I happened to have off from work. They have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays both in the morning and the evening. I took the morning one. Teacher is lovely and class was very therapeutic, even while being challenging.

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This is an easy question. There is a school in Adventura area near Hollywood called Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. Information in North Miami has the number. We have come down various summers so the girls can study there from the New England area. The teaching is very precise but everyone is supportive and friendly. Professionals from all over the country (and from over seas as well) go to this school for open classes. You can't find better teaching anywhere in Florida!

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I think that's part of the links I put in above. It's "Vlad's" school and one of my teachers actually trains there during the day. They only have adult classes during the day there, though. I enquired as I was looking for more adult evening classes.

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