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Should I Go To Boston Ballet School?


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I'm new here, but have been an active member on Dance.net if any of you know it. Anyway, I am 18 years old and have been dancing for 2.5 years. I've decided that I want to take ballet much more seriously than I can at my current school. I am currently in a class with 12/13/14 year olds if that gives an indication as to my level. I know none of you know my technique or abilities (I am on pointe if that matters), but I was wondering if you guys think it is worth it to go there and work my butt of for something I've wanted to do seriously for a long time.

Also, do you know the age ranges of the different levels? I think I'd be in intermediate 1 or 2, but who knows!

Thank you so much,


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I saw that, but I'm looking for some perspective on whether or not this is going to be a waste of time and money? I know I'll never have a chance at being a professional, but I want to dance and be the best I can be.

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Alaina, getting the best training that you can get is the way to improve and enjoy your dancing more. So, going to the best school that you can get to is always the optimal thing to do. They might have teen classes at your level, or you might need to take adult classes. But go and see, and try it! What have you got to lose by trying?

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The only thing might be that you might not necessarily be able to get "more serious" training at Boston Ballet, because of your age. Most Pre-professional classes stop at 18-19, and the open or adult classes really have little to do with the level of classes in pre-professional programs. It's usually not even taught by the same staff, and the amount of classes per week isn't enough for serious progress. If it were me, I'd call and ask about the possibilities of entering the pre-professional program at your age/skill level, and if it's not possible, I'd at least go watch an adult class before making any decisions. Honestly, more often than not, the younger girls' classes are run harder, faster, and on a more frequent basis than adult classes, regardless of where you take class. Boston Ballet may not even offer pointe classes for adults in their open programs...so this is definitely something to look into before saying good-bye to your old school. Obviously, there is always the option of looking for another school that has more serious classes but that isn't affiliated with a pre-professional program, in which cases you'd have a better chance of getting into the program despite age/skill level.


Just some thoughts...hope I didn't cross into the advice category too much.

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Their website says that their Classical Program goes up to 20 years old, which I hope is true!

I didn't realize there was an advice board on here. Sorry about that!

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Ooh, then I would go for it if I were you! :)

Good luck!


I don't think there is an advice board...I think this *is* the advice board. Just, regular members aren't supposed to give each other advice and I think I may have bordered into that category which is why I was iffy about posting my response. :]

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