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balancing on demi pointe on one leg


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Im having a little trouble balancing on one leg on demi pointe in the center. Any excersises that will help with my balance?

Thank You


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It's most likely a matter of not getting your weight placed over the leg correctly, and perhaps just not using the muscles needed to sustain balance. If your weight is even a tiny bit back, or not all the way over the leg, then you cannot maintain balance. If you are not using your abs and gluteal muscles to get your body weight up enough, then you cannot maintain balance.


The exercise for this is to find your center and work the right muscles at the barre, and then do the same thing when you are in the center. The body needs to understand what it has to do. Keywords are 1) find center on one leg; 2) practice getting there over and over and over again. Very simple...brain smart, body stupid. Body takes repetition to learn.

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