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Getting enough classes in


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I was wondering how many classes everyone is taking per week? I am struggling in that I really want to improve and dance as much as possible but my studio doesn't offer that much and there are study, work (time) and money constraints. It's hard being an adult dancer, because people don't often realise how serious one is about ballet! (Well, that's been my experience)


I am hoping to do the following this year, but I don't have my timetable from university yet and I haven't consulted with my employer about new times for this year (I tutor children):


Mon: Ballet Conditioning 1 hour, Ballet class 1 hour (Intermediate Foundation)

Tues: Ballet class 1 hour (Adult open class)

Wed: -

Thurs: Ballet conditioning 1 hour, Ballet class 1 hour (Intermediate Foundation)


(These are just the classes, I would also be doing practice and work in the studio at gym, plus possibly some pilates classes and cross-training (swimming))


If I had the time and the money I would be doing:

Mon: Ballet conditioning 1 hour, Ballet classes 2 hours (Intermediate Foundation and then Adult Open)

Tues: Ballet classes 2 hours (Intermediate Foundation and Adult Open)

Wed: -

Thurs: Ballet classes 2 hours (As for Tues)

Fri: -

Sat: Ballet conditioning 1 hour



I am concerned that I'm not getting enough time in class for my Intermediate Foundation class.


Any ideas? Tips?

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Sounds like you're doing as much as you can. I'm currently doing this schedule (weather permitting)


Monday - Pilates

Tuesday - Intermediate Ballet = 90 minutes

Wednesday - Intermediate Ballet/beginning pointe = 90 minutes

Thursday - Intermediate Ballet = 90 minutes

Saturday - beginning pointe - 60 minutes


That's about all my wallet, schedule and body can handle!

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I'm concerned that your classes are only one hour long. Full technique classes require a minimum of an hour and a half. Sufficient material can not be covered in just an hour.


It sounds like your doing what you can right now. Time, money, and class availability will always be a factor, but ideally you should have a minimum of an hour and a half technique class, at least three times week. To really see improvement, you would need more days than three :)

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For the majority of adult dancers there are both time and money constraints. That’s why I believe doing “homework” is so important. Give yourself classes at home. Take notes on the classes you take, both the combinations you do and the corrections given. With practice you will remember everything that occurred in the class. Then repeat the class. Today it’s easy to find books that have combinations you can do, or at least parts of which you can do. Similarly there are books that will suggest images to keep in mind while doing certain exercises. Use those as corrections in that you are stressing those while you do your work. And don’t forget that watching performances also counts as homework.

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Thanks for your replies.


It has also concerned me that my technique classes are only 60 mins. I really don't see how the average student will be able to pass this exam! Especially on only 2 sixty minute classes a week!! At my last studio, we did 3 classes a week and even that didn't feel enough.


I do make it a point to practice on my own a number of times a week. I have a copy of the written syllabus for my exam and the music for it, so I have been working on it steadily for months now. I also try to practice other things like turns etc as much as possible. I am fortunate in that there is a large sprung-floor studio at my disposal at gym.


How many times a week would you practice if you had the number of classes I first described?

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