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Auditions: Missed Audition and lessons learned


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Never, never, never book your flight for the same day as the audition. DS missed his first professional audition last weekend because of weather delay's. I forgot that I was making reservations for the middle of winter!!!!


I feel really guilty, but am very proud of how he handled his circumstance. He went to the audition site anyway, and waited until the class was over. He was able to introduce himself to the auditioner, and had a good conversation with him. He accepted his resume and head shot and suggested he send in his audition video.


To his surprise, three days later he got an email from the Artistic Coordinator inviting him to attend a later audition.


What do you think? Send in the video or try to make the audition? :shrug:

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Your son did the right thing in staying and introducing himself.

I would definitley go to the live audition. The AD showed he was going to give your son another chance to be seen. Companies do not hire from videos, they alwaus need to see how a dancer moves. Good luck.

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I agree with Millie, 2continu43. An in person audition is always better, but really quite necessary for a company audition.

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