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Combinations-too fast for me!


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I cant get combinations, my mind goes completely blank, I know all the steps and movements when put into combinations I get totally anxious and nervous and go completely blank.

Can Anyone please help me with this


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butterfly, you have had less than a year of training, and you only have 2 hours a week. You really cannot expect to be able to pick up combinations quickly yet, especially if they are fast.


There are many ways to help you remember. One is talking through the steps, in rhythm. Then walk through them and talk at the same time. Most combinations have a pattern to them. Figure out the pattern, and you will remember the combination more easily.

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I have to take a medication to slow heart-rate & to limit genetic anxiety, and a side effect of the medication is loss of concentration, fatigue, and SEVERE dizziness. I have a teacher who gives super complicated combinations, and literally spends 10 seconds explaining a 2-4 minute combination, which is very complicated. Also, during pirouettes or chainnes, I get very dizzy, while spotting, and have to stop.


It is embarrassing to have to admit that I am on medication. Should I tell my teachers? I am trying to get on another medication especially since we are in the middle of an audition season, and loosing concentration on quick combos is NOT a good thing. My doctors are CONVINCED that I am making it up, however.



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Yes, absolutely let your teachers know if you are on a medication with those sorts of side effects. You don't have to tell them what it's for, or even specifically what it is, but they have to know what the effects are, just for your safety and that of the class.

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Good idea, butterflyprincess. It's a good idea to have a list of medical data somewhere in your gear, so that if there's an accident, the hospital will know what meds you're on. If you're hurt, sometimes those names can be pretty difficult to remember, let alone pronounce!

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There *should be a medical form on file with the administration, so that in the event of an emergency, medical personnel have all pertinent information available to them in order to best help.


If someone passed out, they would not be able to tell EMTs what medicines they're on that could have bad interaction with a life-saving medicine.


Also best to let teachers know so they can best help you. :)

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If any of you dancers need written professional information on the effects of the medications you are on, please PM me and I will make sure you have it, pronto. You may also get such printed info from your local pharmacy, do ask.

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What I also find helpful is when I am actually performing the combinations, always think ahead. You should know what the next step is ( Think about the next lot of steps, don't think about the steps that you are doing at that momment) and also use plie!

I used to fine combinations terrifying! The fast and tricky ones still sometimes leave me boggled, but if you have enough time to go through them and maybe do some of the things I do, you should find them a wee but easier!


Jess :P

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