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My dd needs a character skirt for an upcoming workshop.


What length character skirt for a child? 14", 18", 24"? Where should it hit her leg? above or below knee?

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We usually make them 3" below the bottom of knee cap.

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It should be 2-3" below the bottom of the knee depending on the height of the child. So for a small child go for 2" below, for a tall child it would be 3" below.

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Has anyone ever heard of a character skirt hitting above the knee? We received an email for uniform requirements and it has different levels listed and for my dd's level it said "Black character skirt (not Chiffon) just above the knees". For the higher levels it says the same thing except the word "below" has replaced the word "above". My older dd has never had or seen a character skirt short like that. I just called the school for another reason earlier this week and I don't want to have to call them again. Do you think this is a typo? Do people have short character skirts?

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My DD has a short character skirt (just above the knee) but only because her height has grown and her width hasn't. Her school uniform skirts are also hitting too short so I've ordered DD to eat more milkshakes in an effort to fill out her waist to the next size.

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lemlemish - I've not heard of a non-chiffon skirt being worn purposely above the knee for character class. My gut is that its a typo, but its hard to know for sure. Maybe they want to be able to see the legs of the lower level girls as they are learning -? I think you will have to call them to be sure.

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Any new resources for a black character skirt? I am not thrilled with the only available option from Discount Dance. Everything else I have found has colored ribbons. DD seems to think that it needs to be plain black. Thoughts?

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We bought the one from Discount Dance and I adjusted it to fit. Easy fix with a serger. The only time we’ve used the skirt was for her SI, and of course this year it’s now too short so we’ll be purchasing another :)

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Hi mykidsmom,


I had a hard time getting a simple black character skirt last autumn for Nut rehearsals because they were sold out everywhere! Go to http://www.onstagedancewear.com and give them a call. Their website does not show that they have character skirts per se but I know they do if you call their storefront. They tend to be very busy on weekends, lunch hours etc, (they are near what I term the 34th Street/Empire State Building/Macy's messy salad so I would call in an "off" time). Have your daughters measurements ready. Kill them with kindness and they will be very accommodating. They even measured the lengths of the skirts for me.

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