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Books: The Dancer's Way

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Has anyone read the new book from New York City Ballet called The Dancer's Way? I received an email from the company about a book signing at Borders at Columbus Circle in NYC where attendees get coupons for discount tickets to the ballet. I'm tempted to go.

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I listened briefly to the video blurb they have on it and am going to buy it. Just the emphasis on cross-training is enough for me. I hope it's substantial info. :-)

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According to NYCB's email, the booksigning is next Thursday, January 22nd at 7:00 p.m. at Borders book store at the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle.


Where was the video blurb?

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Google the title of the book. There'll be several sites that come on. It was one of the first two sites given. The dancers in the NYCB discussed the book there.

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I googled it and found the video! It's under Web Exclusives on Dance Magazine (www.dancemagazine.com). The book sounds good and i liked seeing the dancers from New York City Ballet talk about how they overcame injuries and became stronger. I'm definitely going to the book signing.

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Thanks for the info! I have two art gallery openings and plans with a friend but I might just drag her along with me because I really want to go. She likes ballet, too, so she might not complain too much.

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Has anyone gotten this book? How helpful was it? Would you reccomend any other book that is better?

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Topics merged. :)

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I've only skimmed the cross-training chapter so far. It has some useful info but not as much as I had expected. Did a thumb-through of the rest and it has nutritional info as well.

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