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Thank you for your post. Could you please elaborate on the level of pointe / ballet classes.  In your opinion is the level of dancing enough to become a professional dancer either in ballet or contemporary .

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hi 5678 balletmom - I will talk to DD and see if she has enough of an impression to answer this yet. Due to pandemic-related distancing, classes have very low capacity and students are limited in how much live class they can take. Currently the amount of training is way, way less than what she was used to: 7.5 hrs a week in person (split between ballet and modern) + 2.5 hrs on Zoom, and they didn't do any pointe in the fall quarter. It seems obvious it is not nearly enough ballet for a professional career. They now have NYCB alum Monique Meunier on faculty and we've heard that has raised the level of ballet and pointe. This is such an atypical year.  Certainly some alumni have gone on to Contemporary companies but I'm not aware of any at ballet companies.  I believe they usually bring in some great guest artists/choreographers. Perhaps DD has talked with some upperclassmen and knows more about what happens in normal times, if so I will update soon. DD chose UCSB because it's a world class research university with a strong dance program she hopes will broaden her training and keep her fulfilled. Best wishes to your DD for her college and company auditions!

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Thank you so much RaisingBallerina!!

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