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Does this schedule seem right?


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I was looking at a Pre-pro school website, and then I looked at the schedule. It doesn't seem right to me, does it to you? This is for the 2 highest levels:

ADVANCED/INTERMEDIATE (4 technique, Jazz III, Floor Barre, Pointe II, required)

Monday, 4:15-5:45

Wednesday, 4:30-6:00

Friday, 4:00-5:30

Saturday, 9:00-10:30


ADVANCED (4 technique, Pointe III, Floor Barre, Modern, required)

Monday, 4:30-6:00

Tuesday, 4:00-6:00

Wednesday, 4:15-5:45

Thursday, 4:00-5:30

Saturday, 10:30-12:00

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No, it does not look like a pre-pro schedule. Do you think this might only be part of the schedule, like just the technique classes? But what is Intermediate/Advanced anyway? Most professional schools have levels more like Ballet I,II,III,IV,V, etc., with the top levels being VII or VIII or called something like Pre-Pro I and Pre-Pro II, or Release Time, Those top levels will not mix Int. and Adv., and they will have daily classes and much more pointe.

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I just looked at the website for the school in question. The schedule does have separate pointe classes and the other subjects are not included in the time frames shown in the schedule posted above. The Adv. and Int/Adv. classes only have 2 pointe classes, though, which I do not feel is sufficient, and only 4 of the 5 Adv. classes offered are required. Not fond of that either. But, I have seen worse schedules. It's not as bad as I originally thought at all.

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