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I ordered a leotard from Class In!


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I have been drooling over the leotards at Class In Dance Shop forever, so finally this year I was given some money for Christmas & decided to spend it on a leotard! It should come in this week, I will let you know how I like it!


I just ordered some new pointe shoes too; I am going to try the Bloch axis; Grishko Ulanova II is my favorite but I want to try everything in that category on the master list of pointe shoes.


Ok, this is a really chatty post! Has anyone else ordered some new dancewear that they are excited about?

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I'm heading to the Yumiko store in NYC today so hopefully I'll find something super exciting there. Yumitards are the best.


I'm also getting fitted for new pointe shoes on Friday. Will report back on my finds. :innocent:

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Just got a zip front royal blue long sleeve nylon retro leotard. I love it. A black knit shrug that matches my black legwarmers. Black jazz shoes. happy with everything, but got a steroid shot today and had to skip class.

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Yumiko leotards look really nice on the web, I would like to try them as well!


The retro leotard sounds cool too! I need a shrug; I bought a shrug type street clothes thing that turned out to be too big-it was on clearance for less than $5 so I couldn't resist-but ended up giving it away since it didn't fit.

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I buy 1-2 size smaller than I would wear on the street usually for street clothes turned dancewear. The shrug was a thrift store find in the small size section. My regular clothes all tend towards baggy.

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I never made it to the Yumiko store but I did get a new pair of pointe shoes. They're Bloch Serenades which I have never worn before and while they're very pretty I'm worried they might be too square for my tapered toes and wide metatarsals (which are generally hard to fit anyway). They felt great in the store but I was less in love with them when I tried them on again at home (typical, right?). I also had reservations about the guy who did the fitting. He didn't even really spend time with my bare feet before he started bringing out styles, most of which were super square. I only tried on the Bloch Aspiration, Syngery, and Freed Studio I (I can't believe I used to dance in those with that ridiculously long vamp - I can't even get to a decent demi-pointe in them now). My teacher is going to see me in the Serenades tomorrow so we'll see.

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blaise- for the record, in all the years I've danced on pointe and been fitted for shoes/experimented with styles and fitters, no one has *ever* looked at my bare feet. I tell them what I have vocally, but that's all. Maybe I've been unlucky with all of my fitters, but I've never had drastically disastrous results that way, so I wouldn't necessarily let that put you off.


Am I the only one who thinks Yumiko leotards look 100% like (not particularly pretty) swimwear? I would have never thought to wear that for a ballet class...perhaps for gymnastics...but ballet? They really look like swimsuits to me, and the colored ones are pretty clashy/would be distracting in class. I think I would ban those if I were a teacher, but thankfully for people who like them, I'm not. :( I'll stick to the elegant yet understated simplicity of Mirella, personally.

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The thing was he didn't even ask. I was wearing wool socks when he first started pulling out shoes.


You know, I've never thought about Yumitards as swimwear-esque but I can totally see it now. I still love them to death - I get bored with understated simplicity. :yes: Besides, I adore the way they fit.

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Okay...if I went in for a fitting and the person didn't even ask me what type of foot I had or what I wanted out of the shoe, and I really didn't have a specific shoe I was looking for, I would've probably walked out. :/ I usually read all about shoes either on Ms. DeVor's page or on DDS first, and take notes of the ones that have the specs I need...and then go to stores and ask if they have my size. I never go blindly anymore because I've yet to meet a trustworthy fitter.


Yeah, I could see the Yumiko leotards *would* fit great. I've never seen one in real life.

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Well apparently, the man had x-ray vision and could see my foot right through the wool socks because the first style he brought out (the Serenades) fit me just fine even if they aren't perfect. I didn't know they certified pointe shoe fitters on Krypton.


And I finally made it to the Yumiko store and, lo and behold, Yumiko herself was actually there. :lol: I picked out three Yumitards: a plain black tank with a high neck and an open back, a black camisole with yellow piping, and a sky blue zip up mock turtleneck with pink piping. They fit like a dream. I love them more than life itself. You know I'm going to break the bank designing my own leotards on their website.

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Since you already have more than two pieces you should become one of those Yumiko dancers that sort of advertises them to your studio. Apparently you earn free stuff if other people mention you when buying from them online (or maybe even in the store)? I saw that when I went to check out the website, look into it! :lol:

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(can I post here? I'm 20?)



Any idea how long Yumiko leotards generally take to arrive? I ordered three about a week ago and I'm super excited for them to come, though I know it'll probably be a while. I'm getting a royal blue camisole; a black 1/2 sleeve mock turtleneck zip-up with a light pink zipper and hot pink trim; and a red square neck tank with black velvet trim. I can't wait!!

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