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Help on pointe technique!!


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I just started pointe last year. I am 15 now, so I started on pointe a little late. I have been dancing ballet since I was 9. I have very strong ankles and can hold myself on pointe in all positions as long as both my feet are on the ground. I'm having a hard time keeping my center on one foot. I've tried every exercise that my teacher gave me and took a couple extra classes of technique to help but it doesn't seem to be working. If you could give me any pointers or exercises that you know that will help, I would really appreciate it.

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How are you on balances on one foot on demi-pointe?


You are at a common plateau area many students encounter shortly after beginning pointe. The only things which will work to increase the strength and articulation of the ankle and foot are continued work on pointe, along with tendus, degagés, frappés, pas de cheval, and a really excellent position sur le cou de pied. Relevés and elevés are mandatory, but don't overdo them by trying, say, 64 relevés on one foot. That just leads to overuse injury.

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I can balance on both legs without "wobbling" in demi-pointe. Thanks for the pointers. Every night (on the couple days I don't have pointe classes) I do 20 releves and eleves on each leg. Is that enough to help with strengthening my ankles and feet?

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I wouldn't work without supervision on pointe quite yet. And by doing 20, you may be fatiguing the muscles which make it possible for you to work on pointe. Try doing four using the barre, then lift the hands off the support and try for a balance. Do that with the other foot, too. Then repeat that whole sequence.

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Ok, thank you Mel. :blink: I appreciate it. I had a barre installed in my room, so that way I could work on my technique, a couple of days ago. I'll start doing that exercise from now on! :D

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Umm...errr...It's Mr. Johnson. We try to keep a teacher/student relationship here. I prefer to be addressed as such.


That said, I'd still lay off the pointe at home. You may be rehearsing errors without a teacher's watchful eye to keep you on the right track. Do practice the tendus, etc., however. And be careful you don't sickle your feet! Another thing pointe at home does is wear out the shoes more quickly. Your parents will appreciate not having to buy new pointe shoes every two weeks at this stage of the game.

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Oh sorry. I didn't know. Thank you for the advice, Mr. Johnson. Can I do the same routines flat? I just don't want to fall behind in class. I'm the least experience in the class and I would like to catch up by the time we have our performance and tests.

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