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Applying for an internship


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Hello! I am thinking of applying for a summer internship at Broadway Dance Center. For this I would need a headshot, resume, letters of recommendation, and a 2 minute video displaying my personal dance style.


So I was wondering, what would you recommend I do about the dance part? Choreograph something on my own or ask a teacher to help me? Also I am talented in many styles of dance, so would contemporary be the best? And would it be appropriate to do a dance to a contemporary song?


Thanks so much :huh:

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It would be easier for us to give you some kind of an answer if we knew just what an intern does at Broadway Dance Center.

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Yes I'm sorry, I should have explained. The intern program is geared toward people who want to be professional dancers and basically choose a concentration (ballet, jazz, hip hop, etc.) and take tons of classes, as well as workshops and learn the audition process etc. They also get an unpaid job at the studio but only have to work a few hours per week because the class schedule is so demanding. There are weekly meetings with the program supervisor and a mock audition at the end.



Oh oops yup all the info is on that website!

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OK, since all we can do here is help you with studio/performance issues, I'd say that your best course of action would be to prepare your video audition solo with the assistance of your teacher, who should act as "the eye outside yourself" here, not actually assemble or choreograph the work, as it is supposed to reflect YOUR ability. Therefore, choose whatever form of dance you look best doing. Keep in mind that "contemporary" doesn't necessarily have to mean Billboard top 40.

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Given the information about concentration in your choice of dance form, then I would made the video in that form. I would not use a song. I think classical or contemporary music, without words, would be much better.

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You might also think about checking out work/study at Steps. It doesn't have all the extras (i.e., workshops, mock audition, etc.) but you do get unlimited $3 classes in exchange for working the front desk and other stuff like that. Even with, say, 10-12 classes a week for about 10 weeks, that's still way less than a BDC internship, and you don't have to send a video. There are applications on the Steps website.

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I just wanted to add...another great thing about Steps is that you can leave the program and come back at any point and they will rehire you as long as there is space (which there will be because people come and go all the time)

Good luck

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Oops! A parent wandered into this 2-year old Young Dancers' thread by mistake, so a post was removed. :(


FYI, balletstar811 hasn't been active for about 15 months, so there probably isn't much additional information to be learned from her. Sorry.

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