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Financial cutbacks, shortened seasons, auditions cancelled


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hope it is ok to post this....very sad we were going to go up to see them this season. :lol:


Sacramento Ballet cancels rest of season

The Associated Press

Posted: 01/22/2009 09:41:07 AM PST



SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Lagging ticket sales and deepening budget problems have forced the Sacramento Ballet to cancel the rest of its 2008-09 season.

Artistic directors Ron Cunningham and Carinne Binda sent a letter Wednesday to the ballet's 2,000 subscribers. They say the move is an attempt to weather the recession and that they plan to return next season.


Twelve performances scheduled for February, March and May were canceled, while three people were laid off.


Ticket holders can seek a refund or exchange their tickets for upcoming shows by the Sacramento Philharmonic, Sacramento Opera or California Musical Theatre.


Ballet companies in Cincinnati, Miami and Madison, Wis., also have had to cancel shows or make other cutbacks in recent weeks.

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Any body hear of any other ballet companies cutting back or cancelling??? :lol: This is some scary stuff.....what with so many dancers out there looking for jobs.

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Cincinnati Ballet canceled their Dec. 26th Nutcracker performance. Just one of nine performances, I believe.



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I'd heard about the problems with Sac ballet in early December. I'm sorry it came to this. Lets hope it's not so bad that this or any other company disappears because of the state of finances in the country.


This is likely to be a really hard audition season!


[edited by moderator to remove "I heard" statements. Please, no rumors, only substantiated information---especially on such a delicate topic. ]

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It looks to be a very tentative audition year for company spots. It will be interesting to see how and if it affects Trainee/Apprentice positions or what the offers actually are for them such as programs who didn't charge tuition now doing so, etc.

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I would be less concerned with SI and school operations. Remember that the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo school mushed on for some years after the company folded.

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I can certainly do that, but change it to what? I can change the second line to "cancels performances". Do you think that would do it?

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I've changed the title and ask that members back up any postings with links to specific information. We do not want a dancer cancelling audition plans off hearsay. However, it will be helpful if you can provide links or direct quotes from articles that can be proof of schedule changes or comapny cutbacks, etc.


Here's a cancellation:


Nevada Ballet Audition in NY Cancelled, Nevada audition still scheduled

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Nevada will still be holding its audition in Las Vegas. They have cancelled the NY audition. Correct?

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Correct, it is the NY audition that has been cancelled. The Nevada audition is still listed on the webpage. That is why it is important that we link to actual links and information rather than a list of "heards". Now if you can get something concrete after any hearsay, then we would most definitely appreciate that!


It is also important to note than a year or so ago when several companies cut back, they also still hired new dancers. When you read someone is cutting back in these tough times, be sure to continue to research what your/their options are. We will see a very varied way it is handled depending on each company.

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Sacramento Ballet cancels rest of season

The Associated Press

Posted: 01/22/2009 09:41:07 AM PST



SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Lagging ticket sales and deepening budget problems have forced the Sacramento Ballet to cancel the rest of its 2008-09 season.


This is extremely upsetting. :(:unsure:

Yes the shows were canceled BUT, the company will still be performing in-studio. They still have their Dance Education Training Program and are still having their SI. Plans for next season are being made.


PLEASE, anybody who was planning on seeing this season's performances do still come and see the in-studio performances. There is Beer and Ballet this Saturday the 24th and next Saturday the 31st. They are also planning in-studio performances for the month of February and March.


Ticket holders can also donate their tickets to help make next season possible.




Thank You So Much!!!

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