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Does anyone know of a recording of Kitri's variation from the last act of 'Don Quixote'? I am looking for the one that starts with the harp intro, and the first steps are piqué arabesque, glissade, grand jeté (or pas de chat). I have a piano recording, but the first part is too fast, and the second part (with the échappés) is too slow. I haven't had any luck finding a recording with appropriate tempi so far.

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Jeez, I never thought it would be hard to get that particular variation in a danceable speed! The old Bonynge "Art of the Prima Ballerina" had a pretty good tempo for it, and the Lanchbery that was used in the Nureyev video of it was okay, provided you liked the echappé part to start s-l-o-w-l-y and speed up, but "Art of..." is out of print except as part of the "Fete du Ballet" 10-disc set that comes in at around $150! The Lanchbery is gone, except as the track on the video. You might have to rip that and use it. Are you familiar with the Boris Spassov recording (Bulgaria)?

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Hm, I have Fete du Ballet somewhere. Most of my CD's are in storage, but I'll try to dig it up. That would certainly be the most convenient option. :blink: I don't know the Spassov recording.


Edit: I found my Fete du Ballet set, and unfortunately the variation is played at an incredibly fast tempo, so that won't work. However, I think I found the Spassov on Amazon. Is it this?

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Search on itunes. I have found some great recordings of Don Q, and a full length don Q as well. Great tempi. You can download the one track you need for $.99 The one I downloaded is a lovely version.

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While this is slightly :) , itunes also has Lisa Harris 'cds' of full classes that you can download for $9.99 for a full whole class! So much better than paying $30+ dollars for the same cd in a store or catalogue. Sadly, she is not my favorite pianist. (there are a few other ballet class cds by other artists, too) I think when you go to Power Search, in the title put ballet class and the cds will come up.

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