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Upside to the terrible economy?


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As we face the harsh realities of weak economy and the need to make careful consumer choices, I've noticed one upshot of the current state of affairs. I hear my 14 year old daughter thinking very carefully and clearly about her SI options.


This year, she is wrestling with where she most wants to be this summer. She has narrowed her choices to 2 programs. What I appreciate is hearing her ask things like: Where did I feel like I got corrections that really made sense to me and made a difference once applied? Which place had teachers whose styles are most compatible with mine? Which program offers financial aid to students in need? (She has a studio mate who absolutely cannot attend the program of her choice without aid and no scholarship was offered.) Which program is more focused on clean technique versus tricks? (She's not a trickster.) Where did I feel like I got more attention? Where did the corrections for everyone work best for me? Of course, these are paraphrases but they have impressed me with their thoughtfulness and focus on seeking the best value and potential yield.


While I don't want to burden our kids with financial worries, I am appreciating the positive impact financial reality is having on my dd's emerging sense of what she wants and needs. I also hear her expressing a strong willingess to do what she can to generate funds to offset the costs involved. I imagine that at whichever program she attends, she will be very happy to be.

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How wonderful to find things to be thankful for at a time like this! I've seen lots of TV commercials lately that mention "getting back to basics" and the importance of family in an uncertain time. Some of them might seem kind of hokey, but I think it's good for everyone, especially our kids, to hear these messages, and to hear family discussions going on about priorities.


Mtm, I'm sure you are extremely proud of your daughter! How uplifting it must be to see her maturity develop right before your eyes. It's a great reason to celebrate! :yes:

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Thank you bec2.


It is heartening to watch. While decision making is difficult, I am enjoying witnessing dd's increasing ownership of her own dance goals, wishes, and plans. Striking the balance between parental guidance and control becomes easier with dd taking charge and making careful decisions for herself.


Given the current state of affairs, I hope this year, especially, our kids have rich and rewarding summer experiences.

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DD and I have been going back and forth about her going elsewhere for summer. We've agreed that IF she goes somewhere else, it would be somewhere that she would like to work and live after she graduates next year. So it is a clarifying time for her.

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