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I'm returning to ballet.

Phantom of the Dance

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I quit ballet four years ago. I had danced for six years. I was in pre-pointe.


Now I am a freshman in high school, and I want to start ballet again. I have already found a studio, watched a class, etc..


I will be started in a class below where I was four years ago, so I can get used to everything again.


I've taken to watching the Anaheim Ballet YouTube channel... And I have some questions.


Will I ever be able to be that flexible by the time I graduate high school?


I don't know if this helps, but I have always been able to put my legs behind my head. Is this in anyway related to flexibility needed in ballet?


Will I be able to go on pointe within a year or so, or will I have to wait a couple years since it has been so long?


I am dedicated to becoming the best I can, because as I heard someone say before, dancing never leaves the heart.


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.. I had questions, so I didn't think it would belong in introductions.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Phantom of Dance :green:


Yes! If your training is good you should be able to regain your strength and flexibility, and then some!! You're still young enough, and if you have the drive and determination, then you should be just fine!!


Make sure your training is very good, and enjoy dancing!!

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Now if you were my age....... :lol::wacko::wink::D

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