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DVD/Videos: Fernando Bujones

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Not sure if this has been posted but couldn't find it when I tried the search feature... This looks to be a wonderful documentary coming out soon. Dd had the honor of working with Mr. Bujones a few years ago. Here is the link to the movie. What an extraordinary man...



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The played this on the PBS station here in Orlando and it really is very good. It was done by one of the former Orlando Ballet dancers that was mentored by Fernando. It is well worth the purchase price and adding to your collection of dance DVDs.

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Thank you for sharing this. My older daughter attended the Orlando summer program about a year before Mr. Bujones' passing. We have a wonderful photo of her with him. Having Mr. Bujones for class was an experience she will always treasure!


I would love to see this film!


:) m2

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Wow, I'm glad I stumbled across this post! I haven't seen the movie, but I attended the NFB summer intensive last year and had Israel Rodriguez (the writer/producer/director) as a teacher. I loved his classes. He has a great personality, and he's a great dancer and teacher. It's nice to know that he is doing well with his film making. Thanks for posting!!

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Just met the director of this film, Israel Rodriguez. I am anxious to see the movie, after hearing him talk about how much he loved working for Fernando Bujones.

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It is a wonderful documentary. Israel did a superb job. Bujones would be so proud of him! Did you know the working title in the beginning was "Lovely Pain"? I believe that's an expression Fernando Bujones used. Very apt, I think.


All the dancers loved, absolutely loved, working with Bujones. He was an incredible artistic director with great heart and love for all his dancers as well as a work ethic they strove to emulate. My daughter had less than 3 months with him but will remember him forever and has held up other artistic directors to his light. He will always be loved and long remembered by all who were touched by him.

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