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Does anyone have comments about the quality of instruction for boys at this school?


We are SC residents, so this would be an opportunity for our son to go to a residential school without the price of a private boarding school.

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I do not know anything about this school, but I do remember that Gray Davis attended the school.

He became a member of the corps at ABT. His bio there states that he graduated from the school in 2004.

In 2004 he also won the Grand Prix at YAGP.

All this suggests that the school may be worth looking into.

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I am mother of a boy, though not a dancing boy. My daughter and I have been to several competitions and master classes at the SC Gov. school and each time were simply stunned by the talent of the boys and young men in their program. And not only that, teachers were giving the boys "the eye" if they weren't amazingly mannerly, hence we had chairs pulled out for us, doors opened and ballet bags and barres carried. These male students were aged 15-18, and each and every one was a joy to be around and were well trained.

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It is a very good place for boys. Stanislav has trained boys who went on to SF ballet, Joseph Phillips who is now in ABT. It is a very strong male oriented program.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I am glad to hear that not only is the ballet training excellent, but that manners are enforced as well.


The information from the website mentions the Grand Prix. I think that is their only competition. They also mention that they focus on the Vaganova method which appears to be well appreciated on this forum.


The dance students begin in 9th grade and it is a residential program, so of course any inofrmation about the advantanges to doing a residential program vs. attempting to get enough training locally (Charleston area) would be helpful as well.

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There should be good information about that topic over on Pre-professional Schools General Discussion. :)

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Did you son choose to attend the SC Governor's School? My son will attend 2009-10 and I wondered what your experience might have been.

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I have had direct contact with the past boys as we use them for guesting. I've also observed their students over the past few years in the YAGP and class. They are very talented and do well if they have a solid technical base to begin with. An outstanding academic school and all graduates receive scholarships of some kind. Each year the very gifted ballet students receive trainee positions as well. A few boys have gone straight into company positions.

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I was planning ahead. My son is entering 6th grade next year. Our house is on the market, but has not sold, so at this point, we can't really think about where we will go until it sells.

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