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I don't know which one to choose!!


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I want to audition for a summer program this year and I want to do Joffrey and Saratoga. The only thing is I don't know which one to choose because Saratoga is for a month dorming there and Joffery is also near the same time. I heard Joffery was pretty interesting and a good experience but Saratoga I also am really interested in. I was going to do Joffery if i didn't make the cut for Saratoga. But what if I did make it in Saratoga and I already auditioned for Joffery? Would that really conflict between the days I would be going?? I know this is kind of a decision that I should make on my own, but I just want to know if anyone else had any advise. :green:

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You're right; only you can make this decision. I'm bothered by the "what if" clause; don't try to make matters more complex than they already are. The simplest answer is usually the best one. You will have to decide whether the New York City experience is what you are looking for, or a suburbia in the Season would be more congenial to your frame of mind, and also to your family. Also worth considering is that Joffrey follows an eclectic, International curriculum and syllabi, while Saratoga follows what New York City Ballet does.

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I know they are different, but it is not hard at all to get into Joffrey. Saratoga has more benefits. So wouldn't that mean Saratoga would be the better choice? Especially if you are looking to get better?

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Ballet Talk is not going to specify one program over another as better. We offer all of the info that we can on everything, and the decision must be yours. It's great to have choices, and even though sometimes difficult to make, it's still a very positive thing. Just gather all the information from first hand reports, studying the program's schedule, living situation, financials, etc., and make your decision.

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I know they are different, but it is not hard at all to get into Joffrey.


This is true, I attended last year and there is a very wide range of abilities there. But by very wide I include both sides of the spectrum, there were also quite a few very talented dancers there, so I wouldn't be quick to dismiss it solely on this criteria.

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Jewels 08, your post to this thread is invisible. This is the Young Dancers' forum. No parents.

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Lexi, you can audition for Saratoga before Joffrey. Joffrey has class auditions. Call the school and ask about a class audition. This way, if you dont make Saratoga... you can still audition at Joffrey. :D

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I had to make a post invisible from another parent who had wandered here by mistake. :D

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wait, auditition or go to? Joffrey sounds appealing! My friend went to San Antonion, actually two or three friends and they reallllly liked it I think.

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