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I was kind of feeling left out because I didn't see a SERBA or Southeast Regional Ballet Association listed anywhere in the RDA thread. So I thought I would start the topic.

Our pre-professional dance company is a very long time member of RDA. I attended the SERBA 07 festivities last year as a chaperone, and my DD loved every minute of all of it. Master classes, performances, and parties. It was a whirlwind and so much fun for mom and DD!! :lol:

So I just thought it would be nice to have somewhere where us SERBA members could discuss the upcoming festival, adjudications, etc. If I am not supposed to start this, let me know or do that great moderating thing you do please!

We are really looking forward to this year in May. It will be in Montgomery, Alabama at, I understand, a brand new facility/complex. I would love to hear any information that those of you in that area may have about it!

Thank you!!!


Mobadt :D

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This is where all the regions can come together and discuss Regional Dance America and all of the five upcoming 2009 Festivals!


If you looked at the other threads you will notice they are all older threads pulled from other forums in the past.


Your post will hopefully start a new discussion on all things RDA happening in 2009. Welcome!


Kathleen Sinclair

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My dd said she had read on the SERBA website that Twitch (So you think you can dance)will be teaching a hip hop class at this year's SERBA. This is her first time attending, so this makes it even more exciting for her.

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Yes Vivaballet! Our director told us this not too long ago... Twitch teaching! :thumbsup: DD is VERY excited about that!!! :D


Haven't heard about any of the other teachers yet...not sure when I will find out from our director. I usually hear bits and pieces...when I do, I will try and post! Unless there's already a bunch of information on the RDA website which I haven't been to lately. Sorry, seems I spend way too much time on this board... :blushing:


And thank you for the welcome Ms. Sinclair! :wink: DD is very excited to be a part of SERBA! She is crazy busy with rehearsals for adjudication...loves every minute! And the weekend is such fun and such great instruction! Just a great all around experience! I think I keep repeating myself... :lol:


Mobadt :D

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My daughter is also very excited about attending her first SERBA. Her studio is buzzing with activity for the upcoming adjudication visit. They are working on two very different pieces.

This is the first year she has had to prepare for a series of performances and it has really kept her energized.

SERBA will be another great opportunity to take classes with different teachers and explore different types of dance.

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DD is also excited for adjudication visit. We are still trying to get educated on the whole RDA/SERBA experience. We are really looking forward to May!

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We had our adjudication this past weekend!!! What a whirlwind!!!

Our company performed excellently and I am so proud of all the dancers! My DD is happy but looks REALLY tired to me even though she says she wasn't really. :clapping: The adjudicator is great! Can't wait to find out what piece goes - I have my favorites, and I hope it will be one of those. :angry: Good luck to all and enjoy!!


Mobadt :bash:

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If the studio/company we are affiliated with is not a SERBA member, can a dancer still attend and participate individually in the festival? If so, what is the fee to participate? What does one do to encourage our company to become a member? Is there certain criteria which must be met to be a member?

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The RDA festival experience is for member companies and their dancers. Although I know that in the Pacific Region, we have a guest company policy, where a company can come to experience the festival to see if it is an organization they would like to pursue membership. I suggest you contact the SE membership chairperson and can answer questions you may have.


Visit the RDA website to find out more about us and contact information for the Southeast Region.

Regional Dance America website

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We had our adjudication today! I am COMPLETELY exhausted but at least I got through it haha. Margo Sappington was very nice though and she had a lot to tell us on how to improve our technique and artistry. So hopefully we get to perform a few pieces at SERBA in May! Now for bed :wub:

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Glad to hear that your adjudication went so well!. Ms. Sappington is an excellent adjudicator and her direction of festival performances is superb.


Let us know when you get the results which ballets you and your company will perform.

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