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I heard differently, that due to the poor state of the economy and the expense of Charleston that it was going to be at High Point again. It is Hearsay, but I would love for it to be in Charleston, it is a great place to visit.

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It is certainly possible that is true, Charleston is expensive and in May will have already started their higher prices for Summer season. However, Charleston was still listed on the RDA website as of the time of my post today. So any changes have not been reflected there yet. Was there an official announcement at SERBA about where next year's festival will be? They usually do announce it. So it would take "I heards" to "it was announced".

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We also heard that it will no longer be in Charleston, but in High Point again.

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Mel Johnson

Rumor control speaking: When in doubt, follow the official statements made by the proper originating authority. In other words, until SERBA says otherwise, proceed as they say on the RDA website, not that next year's festival location means a lot in terms of action at this point in time. We don't serve that favorite Washington main course of "hot leek with reliable sauce". :grinning:

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SERBA was indeed amazing!!

The faculty was top notch. DD loved Judy Rice, Jennifer Medina, Thom Clower, Wes Chapman, Joshua Allen (as mentioned earlier in the thread - winner of "So You Think You Can Dance") and Nick Drago (from "Step It Up and Dance")


Each performance - Thursday's Emerging Choreographer, Friday's Festival Concert Performance, and Saturday's Gala - showcased the companies personalities. Ms. Sappington's selections ranged from the most serious ballet to intense modern to fun jazz. It was a real pleasure to be in the audience. We have some very talented dancers in our region!


I was a chaperone and have not recovered... but it was definitely worth the lack of sleep.

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Bumping up the topic for this year..... :(


We are really looking foward to SERBA, now that the 'tornado' known as March at our studio is over! :sweating: It's certainly been a whirlwind to get here!

We adjudicated 3 pieces a couple of weeks ago, plus 2 emerging choreographer pieces. Richard Rein, the adjudicator for our area, was extremely nice and the girls all liked him very much!

We are very hopeful about the pieces, the dancers did a terrific job, and look forward to sharing the results any day now.

We have a very large number of dancers attending SERBA this year. So looking forward to it! :thumbsup:


Mobadt :D

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We are coming to SERBA with more dancers than we have had in a long time. Not all are dancing. Some, like my DD, are coming for the experience. I'm gonna tag along too as a chaperone.

We have one emerging choreography piece done by one of our dancers that has been accepted and one piece will be on Gala night. I am looking forward to this time with my daughter and this experience. I hope we will be able to do it often.

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Congratulations trythis! :thumbsup:

Us too! We'll be on Gala night and also have an emerging choreography piece on Thursday. DD is lucky enough to be in both. It will make the trip extra special (I'm a chaperone too). But the experience as a whole is wonderful! The dancers just get immersed and it's a lot of fun to watch! my younger DD is disappointed because she just missed our AD's cutoff to attend. She can't wait to go and be able to take classes! I am looking forward to being with my dance mom pals and relaxing! :)

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SERBA is in full swing. Attended the Emerging Choreographers Concert last night. I was glad to see more ballet than there has been in past years. For a few years there seemed to be a growing number of "competition type" ensemble pieces, but it was "mostly" back to ballet this year.

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Thanks for the SERBA posts, please do keep us posted.

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SERBA is over for another year. I thought High Point Ballet did a great job hosting. I am always in awe of the magnitude of the event and all that must go into the planning of it.


I felt you could feel the affect of the economy a bit. There seemed to be fewer than normal companies there awarding scholarships. I heard a lot of talk amongst directors about the strain of the economy and how it affects how they can manage their dancers. I wondered if there was a smaller teaching staff than normal, as some classes seemed a little crowded.


All and all, I think it was a good event. The venue was very nice and convenient. The Thursday night Emerging Choreographers Showcase was better than normal. The other two nights had high points and low points. There were a lot of big special effects this year.


I'm hoping Richard Calmes was there taking photos again. He usually creates a great photo gallery of the week. We'll watch his site to see...

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Mr Calmes was not able to come this year.


I had a great experience. My DD loved it. Exceptional teachers and amazing dancers. The shows were fantastic! I was amazed at the talent. I personally took over 700 photos!!!

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Oh, how disappointing Mr. Calmes couldn't come this year! I guess I didn't even think about the fact I didn't see him there until now.

There wasn't a videographer going around to classes this year either - guess the economy took it's toll in that way too.


It was another great time in High Point! I do agree - Emerging Choreographer night was extremely promising! The other 2 nights had their highs and lows - and an extemely interesting mix of genres. I would say Gala night was my favorite and had the most pointe pieces - and the talent was truly wonderful! A lot of the costumes were just wonderful also! The teachers were excellent - my daughter could NOT pick a favorite - she really liked them all. The time just flew by and I can't believe it's over...! :D

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