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Hello! My son's studio recently had ballet photos taken by a professional--the put on a costume, strike a pose in front of a backdrop variety. We were tempted to have the photos made because we don't have any ballet pictures of him, and the relatives would love a copy. But, they were just too pricy for me to justify it. I'm decent with a digital camera and photo shop, so I thought perhaps I could just take some pictures of him myself.


Then, it hit me-- I have NO idea how he should pose! It might be nice to have some shots in a formal pose and dressed in full ballet attire. I also thought it might be nice to have a few poses looking a little more natural for him-- something in ripped jeans, a white tank undershirt, and ballet shoes without socks, his long hair in his face rather than jelled back-- to let his personality show through (in addition to dancing ballet, he is an avid skateboarder and plays the drums, and he doesn't like to look "girly" when he does ballet!).


Most of the ballet pics I see are of girls. If the pic is a guy, it's a professional doing some trick my son is not yet capable of executing. I need a simple-to-do but manly pose for him. Any suggestions?

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A great many professional dancers prefer an informal pose in practice clothes, often in a contrapposto manner, that is, with more weight on one leg than the other and the shoulders facing a slightly different front from the hips. Think Michelangelo's David. The arms can be completely adjustable to fit the subject's comfort or mood.

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How about:

Standing in ouvert, degage derriere, front hand on hip, back arm in 5th or wide 5th.

Kneeling with same arms

Attitude en l'air en croise, arms 4th or 5th

Standing 4th croise en demi pointe, front arm extended to arabesque height, palm up, back arm with finger tips on same shoulder, elbow back

Lunge in wide 4th, back arm in demi-bras, front arm with hand on waist


Hope that gives you some ideas x

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