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Help with Leotard and larger bust!


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Hello All


I am a large busted girl that has to wear a RAD major regulation leotard. There is no shelf bra. The back comes to low and the starps are to thin to wear a bra. What alternatives do i have. Should I have one custome made to suit me? Or are there any bras that will be suitable? Any tips! Help me out? :shrug:



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I think you may have to visit a seamstress and see about having a bra built in or something. Many students have this problem, and there are threads especially in Cross Talk that may be helpful to you.


By the way-

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!



I just received a message that there are new RAD requirements:

"sleeveless leotard - black, navy blue or meryl grey"


So you can wear a different style. Find a tank that you can wear a bra with.


Since this topic has been answered, I'm closing this thread. :lol:

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