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Reviews: National Ballet of Denver's Night of Stars

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Hey Chickadees and Chickadoos!


I was just wondering if anyone else had the chance to go to this and what your impressions were on it? If anyone else went I'll post my thoughts on it, but I dont' want to waste everyone's time if I'm the only one that showed up from the board.




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Go ahead and tell, please!!!!

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Oy, well it's not very good. :blushing:


My husband and I attended the “Night of Stars” performance on Saturday, January 24, 2009. This was a birthday present from my husband. I knew when I was handed a four page program that something was wrong. My husband knows nothing about ballet and, in fact, this was his first time attending one. I was DEEPLY disappointed by the “stars.” I have never heard of the guest artists that performed and were actually disappointed by their performances. I don’t feel this performance was worth $73.00 a ticket and will probably never attend another performance by this company. I didn’t tell my husband that we had been taken by the advertisement of the stars (featuring guest artists and Artistic Directors Andrei Vassiliev and Cornell Callender, along with the National Ballet of Denver company dancers, Guest artists from the Bolshoi Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and students of the National Ballet Academy of Denver). Instead, we had 4 dancers from some obscure Russian companies that no has heard of. I expected to see dancers from the above mentioned companies. I feel like if they do this in the future that they should list who their performers are going to be so that people can make an educated decision about whether to attend or not.




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Very interesting.....Thank you for the report!


I'm going to see if anyone has reported over on Ballet Talk!!

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